For the past ten thousand years, the parent/child balance of power has been hierarchical with the moms and dads making most decisions and kids following their lead. But in the last decades everything has changed, even more after COVID-19 pandemic. We have different kinds of families: parent-driven, collaborative, and kid-driven. Watch the video to understand these concepts and answer:

*What kind of family did you have when you were younger? Explain

*What kind of family would you like to have in the future? Explain.

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  1. 10303020 escribió:

    When I was younger my family was conservative and very religious, so over time we always had problems to going out or hanging out with our friends. We love each other, but there was always an aroma of excess for responsibilities.
    In the future, I would like to have a family in which responsibilities are well distributed, in which my children can be independent and in most cases advance their own issues alone.
    Jorge Luis Porta Rodríguez.

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  2. Giancarlo Salas escribió:

    1.- My family is large and united; we spend a lot of time together and support each other. I believe that this type of family has influenced my education, values, emotions, and growth experiences significantly.

    2.- I prefer to have a large and cohesive family, with close relationships among its members.

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  3. Erick Chávez Cardich escribió:

    Good morning,
    Speaking from myself I grew in a parent-driven family, specially my father had the last word: my sisters and me must follow their instruction inclusive my mom had to do that. Sometimes I did not feel very comfortable, because I had different opinions or I wanted to do several things.
    Nowadays, the kinds of families are changing and these changes are happening very fast. Some kids “has” the authority to do what they want and the parent are not allowed to stop them. I find it very wrong, because parents have the mission or the responsibility to take care of their children, guide and show them the things that are allowed to do and the things that are forbidden.
    Parents are adult persons and have to behave like that, inclusive if their children are in the middle of these scenarios.
    All extreme cases do not bring good results; there must be an equilibrium.

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  4. Marlon Busch Rudas escribió:

    In my case, my parents were the ones who led the family, there were also few opportunities for consultation with the children on different issues and they made most of the decisions about us, sometimes without prior consultation. Currently there is greater freedom to communicate with children, there are many topics that children want to know and give their opinion on, the trend is that both parents and children can guide each other and share some family issues, as well as decisions on some occasions can be shared and listen to your children for longer.

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