Skydiving, Wingsuiting, And Gliding – Getting Closer To That “Flying Feeling”

There are those who would dismiss people who skydive – or, more recently, “wingsuit” – as mere thrill-seekers. Extreme sports enthusiasts who have more bravery than brains – and are willing to risk their lives for a taste of the freedom of flying. But this dismissive attitude ignores the history of personal human flight. Humans have been trying to fly for centuries – if not millennia. From the story of Icarus, who attempted to fly from captivity on wings of wax, to early individuals in history who tried to fly by jumping off towers, flying using kites, or jumping off of cliffs and hills using early gliders, there have always been those who sought the skies. It would seem that today’s “thrill seekers” are no different. Wingsuiting, especially, offers enthusiasts the option to “fly” untethered for around 3-5 minutes – and indulge that primal urge to fly without mechanical assistance.

Why do you think humans are so fascinated with the idea of flight?

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  1. Jorge Mendoza escribió:

    I’m not sure. But I think I could refer to the very likely ulterior purpose towards the search for divinity. “If God is in heaven, let’s go to meet him”. And along this line we ask ourselves, and who would be the beings closest to him? And the answers are found in the different engravings and texts of the sacred books. Thus, The Angels, those beings represented with wings today would be classified as the home delivery of the creator’s messages.

    I think there is the essence that justifies man’s reason for flying. And this attempt recreates the whole series of activities such as those added in this edition of the blog alluding to our training for reading comprehension of English (CLV7).

    In my experience as a telecommunications technician, I have had the opportunity to install antennas that rise to 30, 60 to 90 m. above the roofs of many buildings. I remember that first time when I was afraid to climb a small (now, not at that time) 12 m. ventilated tower on the roof of a customer in the city of Trujillo.

    A technician was right to recommend: “Imagine that you do everything as if you were on the surface, but a little slower, and don’t forget before you fasten yourself with the Harness Strap”. And so I was able to overcome fear and increasingly climb to greater heights. Despite the fact that panic seeped in for a moment, I was concentrating and returning to “normal”.

    Over the years, I began to analyze why I had come to carry out this risky activity. And I remembered that my father had delivered the first class of paratroopers in our country. In existing reference, theories that explain the patterns of behaviors and experiences, they are transmitted by genetics. But that would already be another topic of discussion.

    Finally, I remember the eve of the turn of the Millennium. I spent preventive maintenance on the communications infrastructure of a financial institution, because of the possible Y2K incidence. Literally, at 12:00 p.m. I greeted the communications tower, which climbed 60 m high, with a happy new year 2000. ☺

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