How might comics and superheroes have influenced our lives?

Comics and the evolution of superheroes have reflected historical trends and addressed societal problems, but what about the narrower relationship to the individual, rather than the wider community? Importantly, the relationship between comics and societal factors is not unidirectional, with a strong direct impact on individuals. 

When we read comics or try to understand superheroes, particularly as children, we develop our emotions, reading ability, and morals. Just as we idolise celebrities, we idolise superheroes. Furthermore, based on theories of social psychology, comics likely impact our levels of aggression, prosocial behaviour, leadership ability and attitudes.

Would you say you have been ibfkuenced by comics and superheroes? If you could have any superppower, what would it be and why?

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  1. mary luz choquepata tito escribió:

    the superheroes and comics don´t attract much attention to me maybe wonder woman, but it hasn´t had much impact on my personally. thus, the television also influences the educational training of children and youngs, and many times the comics are accompanied by violence, I think they should be more educational and chaneled from a more educational perspective, less violent and bloody and in some cases sexist profiles are observed or with and obscene tendency, which greatly influences the formation of the persons, and which results in possible crimes, since many acts see it as normality, as they are visible in the media and in comics.

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