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What do you do to keep fit? Do you keep an eye on what you eat?


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  1. John Curi Lopez escribió:

    I try to eat healthy. For example, my wife cooks a lot of vegetables and she uses whole grains for breakfast. That’s all I can do to keep fit. Unfortunately, I can’t do excercises because of work and the time I spend with my three children.
    I definetly keep an eye on what I eat. Also, I try to eat different fruits everyday. The good thing is that my wife is kind of vegetarian, so that helps me a lot.

  2. Mariela Roldán escribió:

    Usually to stay in shape I try to follow a hypocaloric diet prescribed by the nutritionist. However, I find it very difficult because I have some anxiety problems with food. What I have definitely eliminated is the consumption of sugar.
    I also try to control what I eat, avoiding junk food, carbonated drinks and sweets.

  3. Ana Roncal escribió:

    What do you do to keep fit?
    To stay in shape. First, I do two-hour walks a day. Others, like three meals a day. Also, I include fruit and vegetables in the daily menu.
    Do you keep an eye on what you eat?
    I do take care of what I eat. Years ago I became overweight. Now, I maintain a balanced diet, eat what is necessary and at my hours.

  4. mary luz choquepata tito escribió:

    I think you are very right, that is why it is said “healthy mind, healthy body”, accompanied by a good diet, and avoid junk food or fast food, it is very healthy, however, it is also difficult to try to have a routine, when you have many obligations.

  5. mary luz choquepata tito escribió:

    Unfortunately, I have neglected myself in that sense, since I have many pending, and I no longer have time to go to the gym, and as for food, in the mornings as I go to work early, I normally do not eat breakfast, only the time at lunch it is the only one I take into account, and at dinner I do not take it into account, sometimes because of the rush I eat a sandwich or a salchipapa.
    As for if I watch what I eat, I don’t give myself time for it, sometimes if I consume a juice or a fruit during the morning.

  6. Christian Orozco escribió:

    Usually to keep fit I try to have a good diet, avoid junk food, and exercise.

    1) Regarding the reading about JudyGirl I think that all the advice was important but the most useful could be that of JymGym because the exercises are very important to complement the diet.

    2) I would definitely post a question on the internet because I can learn from the experiences of other people around the world so I can make a better decision.

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