Powered flying: an eternal ambition

Why do you think humans are so fascinated with the idea of flight?


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  1. Juan Rengifo escribió:

    In my opinion, Leonardo Da Vinci was a genius, because in his time scientific knowlegde was very poor and he had the wit to create unimaginable things.
    I think the light bulb was something really ahead of his time and at the beginning it didn´t have much support.

  2. Juan Rengifo escribió:

    I think people still want to be astronauts because they like to explore, go on new adventures and discover new perspectives of things.
    Other occupations that can be harmful to a person´s mental heatlh can be the doctors or nurses that treat with terminal cancer patients because of the huge amount of pressure that they assume seeing them suffering and knowing that there is nothing that can heal them.

  3. Karina Leon escribió:

    I think humans have the natural intuition of the exploration. Flying is the fastest way to do it. Nowadays people live in an intense way everything is so fast, can you imagine having to travel to another continent for work? It would take months. Flying makes me feel vulnerable, for others could be exciting because they can see differents cities and landscapes, you can explore remote places that humand would never walk.

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