In the past the man was the one with the career. As a matter of fact, a woman sometimes left work as soon as she got married. Now both partners usually work prior to having children and the woman usually has as much vested in her career as does her husband. While some people feel that a woman can better take care of a child, there are real life examples that blow this theory right out of the water. Fathers can certainly be as nurturing as mothers. So, if you can put away traditional role models of women as caregivers and men as bread winners, you can make this decision in a logical way. Here are some questions for you to answer:

  • What do you think about this controversial topic?
  • In your opinion, can father´s be as nurturing as mothers?
  • Is Peruvian society ready for such context?

After answering those questions and any others that may be pertinent to your particular situation, you can make an educated decision. The one you make may surprise you. You may in fact decide that it makes more sense for the father to be the primary caregiver -— a stay-at-home dad.


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    • What do you think about this controversial topic?
    I believe that traditional models are slowly disappearing as different types of families are presented each time. It may be the case that there are better job opportunities for the mother so the family should prioritize the care of the children by the father.

    • In your opinion, can father´s be as nurturing as mothers?
    Fathers can be as affectionate to their children as mothers, this is born from the instinct of protection and love for their children.

    • Is Peruvian society ready for such context?
    Peruvian society is prepared however it is difficult for some families, especially at the beginning of this process, then the advantages can be assessed and this model accepted.

  2. FABIO CHACON escribió:

    1- Do you think it is possible for people like HM or EP to lead full lives? Why, or why not?
    I think that not, because both suffer of a disease that damaged his brains, this not his allow remember things, places, his previous life, however, I think that if they be affording each day, would can achieve keep certain grade de learning about they, his lifes, his families, and, of this mode can would achieve in the time with much practice has a life almost normal

    2.- Why is it helpful or important to understand how the brain makes and uses memories?
    I consider that is important understand and knowed our brain, because this mode we can make much, to not damage our brain, for example, not smoking, not drink, eat only food healthy, make exercise constantly, and read, listen music classic, write, paint between others things for keep healthy and active our brain and memory

  3. jhon aguilar castillo escribió:

    1. Today, men and women have the same equality and rights, and in work and activities.
    2. Of course, we can all improve as parents. And a very important aspect, perhaps the basis of the whole relationship with our children, is to learn to be affectionate.
    3. I still believe that Peru has many departments or places where they are still reluctant to equality between women and men, but the laws protect women and there is the same equality.

    1. Idiomas Virtual Autor escribió:

      Thanks for your participation!

  4. Alfredo Garcia escribió:

    • What do you think about this controversial topic?
    Single-parent families are many, but where stay-at-home dad are very few; and many times badly seen by the same family and society. I think that has to change quickly, because there are many women who have better opportunities and because of the type of work need stay-at-home dad to raise children. The State should produce policies and services that support these types of families, for example, daycare centers.
    • In your opinion, can father´s be as nurturing as mothers?
    Yes, happily today there are less prejudices where parents show their children affection. And they can also learn to raise children with the same care and ability as mothers.
    • Is Peruvian society ready for such context?
    It will change little by little, but there is still a lot of machismo in our society. There is a large sector, men and women, who believe that only women should fulfill the role of parenting. In some more educated and better income sectors that is changing, but it is very slow.

  5. Paul escribió:

    I agree with Jose Antonio. Traditionally the woman was the housewife and the man the only breadwinner in the family.
    Now with the social empowerment of women, when the father and mother can work, the dilemma arises. If both fathers worked one of them would have to stay at home or hire a babysitter.
    However, I disagree with Jose Antonio because in Peru there are already opportunities to continue the personal career studying or working by internet from home so all previously mentioned it is possible.

  6. José Antonio Rojas García escribió:

    I think that in the past and the present it’s a topic was very controversial.
    On one hand because families have a paradigma about the roles between fathers and mothers.
    On the other hand, society have a very hard influence with people, and it has very stronge paradigm ” women as caregivers and men as bread winners”

    In my personal opinion fathers can be as nurturing as mothers, today for example they spend a lot of time with their sons, also they are very confident and they have a lot of comunication.
    This is the base of the family ties

    Definitly not, because teh society, religion, family and the context in the traditional eduucation inhibit this ideas

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