1. FABIO CHACON escribió:

    1.- What were some challenges that these people might have faced?
    1) In 1783 Montgolfier Brothers carry out air the first flight of a hot air ballon across Paris.
    2) In 1804 George Carley develops a model glider with fixed main wing and moveable tall surface.
    3) In 1853 George Cayley´s “New Flyer” takes his footman across Brompton Dale in the first man-carrying glider.
    4) In 1874 Felix du Temple carried out the first piloted powered “hop”, after first running down a ramp.
    5) In 1893 Otto Lilienthal makes the first true controlled flights, gliding up to 230m
    2.- Can you think of other famous figures in aviation history
    Yes, of course, I think in the following pioneers:
    6) In September of 1910 Jorge Chavez Dartnell was first man across the Alpes, but died to the arrived to his destiny.
    The engineer Octave Chanute achieve maked flight to some people
    Robber Godard, develop the first rocket.
    Wernher Von Braum, was an the more important that develops the rocket.

  2. Lucy Huayllacayan escribió:

    Do you have healthy habits?
    regular, in the morning breakfast a glass of juice and after a glass of milk with bread. At lunch time a plate of soup and second, I need to eat salads.

    Is it difficult to start a healthy life?
    Yes, why have lunch on the street and serve a lot of carbohydrate. I need to drink more water, eat dried fruits. Many times there is a lack of time, due to work, studies and family.

    What factors make it difficult?
    The work, sn eight hours a day, always between hours eat some candy, which is not good for health.

    Can you relate to the article in any way?
    Yes, it is a very interesting article. It reminds us of how important it is to eat healthy.

  3. Tomacini Sinche López escribió:

    Do you have healthy habits?
    No, my lifestyle is unhealthy. I do not have lunch times. I do very little exercise. My diet is based on a lot of junk food, no vegetables. I sleep very little and work many hours.

    Is it hard to start a healthy life?
    No, but I do not intend to start it, for now.

    What factors makes it difficult?
    I do not have time to dedicate myself to it. Someone would have to take care of it to be able to execute it.

    Can you relate to the article in any way?
    Yes, I like how convincing it is. I think that if I had time available, I would listen to many of his advice and take many of his warnings seriously.


    Do you have healthy habits? In general, in my family we try to eat a healthy diet. We do sport from time to time.
    Is it difficult to start a healthy life ?. I think it’s in the decision-making capacity of the same family.
    What factors make it difficult ?. The ease of finding a lot of junk food in the market.
    Can you relate to the article in any way? In some way. We try to consume more fruit and vegetables, combining with some meat; Pretty water, very little soda. We practice sports.

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