Aug. 13, 1911: Second U.S. Woman to Earn Pilot’s License

BLOG 2:  Aug. 13, 1911: Second U.S. Woman to Earn Pilot’s License

Check the link below and read about the second American woman who earned a Pilot’s license, then, answer the questions that follow.

Why do you think humans are so fascinated with the idea of flight?  In what ways do you think air travel will change in the future?  Are there any pioneers in other fields that you admire? Give your reasons. Write your comments and participate of Blog 2.

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  1. Giovanna Cavero escribió:

    The humans was created for walk, so flying is a big dream and wish for along time ago. This represented a challenge for many people and some of them achieved succes when invented machines to make this dream come true. Latterly this is possible and the new challenge is that no only the astronauts reach to the space.
    I don´t have a specific pioneers that admire. But I admire all those people who made it possible to fly with their inventions because today we can fly and go beyond our world.

  2. e20174182 escribió:

    I believe humans have always been fascinated with the concept of flying as high as they could and as freely as birds. People are increasingly fascinated, and I am included in this opinion, with air travel, flying to various cities and countries around the world. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), “in 2016 there were an impressive 3.8 billion air passengers, a number that will predict will be a balloon to 7.2 billion passengers by 2035 – a nearly doubling of current levels “(Rosen, 2017). I admire Santos-Dumont, the Brazilian aviation pioneer, because he was very hardworking. It has contributed significantly to the development of airplanes lighter than air and heavier than air. Santos-Dumont is a national hero in Brazil, where there are innumerable roads, squares, schools, monuments and contracts dedicated to him.


    Rosen, E. (2017). Air Travel Could Get Greener Even as Flights Double. National Geographic. Recuperado de

    1. Idiomas Virtual Autor escribió:

      Great Katia! Thank you for sharing this information!


    As a designer and lover´s nature that I´m , I find my inspiration to design on it; I think and I should recognize that the bird´s flight are awesome. Describe each of their movements and think about each shape of their wings, leads me to think about how the human being takes as an example this ability of birds and how they get took for transforms them, into objects that can move through the air. All those design are considered products with a natural concept.
    The pleasure of observing animals still in their natural environment makes me feel tiny, the georgus of their kingdom with many forms to will transform in concepts and them Products.
    According with the second question; I just said future is today and science advances day by day, I think that people will be able to make use of ships to travel in short distances like Back to the Future and other films.
    Today television has a great advantage to communicate ”live” thanks to drones (aerial vehicles – UAVs); those which can overfly the places where the events take place.
    And the third qiestion, For me the best pioneer in design LEONARDO..

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