Future of Commercial flights!

Have you ever had a panic attack in mid-flight? Those that have will tell you it’s not fun. And there are plenty of reasons that make people panic. Some of them – irrationally.

Would these people feel any better if we could get rid of pilots altogether?

The technology already seems to be there – drones are not a particularly new invention. Armies use drones the size of airplanes in war zones, where they are controlled remotely or loiter flying a pattern. Even helicopters can be pilotless, like the K-MAX, which is as big as a standard helicopter, and delivers aid supplies with stunning precision to dangerous locations.

Airplane accidents are rare today, but when they happen, they are getting harder and harder to solve, says Tim Robinson, editor-in-chief of the Royal Aeronautical Society’s magazine Aerospace. That’s why investigations often focus on ‘human factors’, identifying psychological and physiological issues as a probable cause.

Two decades ago, it was standard to have three pilots in the cockpit; now the standard is to have two, says Scott Winter, assistant professor of aeronautics at Florida Institute of Technology.

                  adapted from: http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20160912-would-you-fly-in-a-pilotless-airliner 

Would it be possible in coming future to fly without a pilot just using computers? What do you think is the future of commercial flights? Post your comments.

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  1. Carmen Patricia Zegarra Cerna escribió:


    It’s possible, no doubts about it. The think is that human control must be extremely secure, we are talking about thousands of people flying by air every day. The techonology bring us infinite possibilities and help us a lot, but we have to measure the risks and have the necessary contingency plans.

    Good night.


  2. Carmen Patricia Zegarra Cerna escribió:

    I agree whit Teresa and Enrique, is not far the time when flights will be monitoring by computers, but as Teresa thinks it always be neccesary the human participation.

    Good night.

  3. TERESA CASTRO PINTO escribió:

    I think the future of commercial flights that are monitored by computers but always with a pilot in the cabin for the machines are not always perfect

  4. Enrique escribió:

    Flying without pilots? Well, all is possible. Since technology is growing fast it could be possible that planes would be able to carry people using only computers. Perhaps, on that way accidents might be avoided and the number of disasters could be less. Technology has showed us that it can make incredible things, that it perhaps has not limit.

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