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Advertising is found everywhere, when we read the news, when we shop groceries, chat with friends on Facebook, and even when we listen to music, watch movies, and on the Internet.

Digital marketing has the potential to reach millions of people with just one advertisement. Online marketing gives companies the potential to target specific consumers and reach them almost constantly. In fact, successful digital marketing often means people might not need to leave their homes to learn about, decide on, and, eventually, purchase a product. The most successful advertising should affect people’s daily lives by making them simpler. Content marketing has created the expectation that marketing can be informative, specific, and result in increased knowledge and awareness. The more accurate and informational marketing is, the less research consumers have to do on their own.

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  • Do you think marketing alter or infer our preferences? How?
  • Do we change our perception of reality due to the publicity that brands make?
  • Share your ideas and support your answers.