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Our Peruvian chocolate!

Chocolate has been part of life in Peru for centuries, so it’s no surprise that chocolate in Peru is known as some of the best in the world. Chocolatecocoa butter, and cocoa all come from cacao, which grows as seeds on tropical evergreen cacao trees.26 feb 2019

Our Peruvian chocolate is rich in Polyphenols That Provide Several Health Benefits, including reduced inflammation, better blood flow, lower blood pressure and improved cholesterol and blood sugar levels (1Trusted Source). Cocoa is one of the richest sources of polyphenols.

In the past Peru did not participate in International competitions, now we have improved our standards and NGO’s working with government help Pymes in order to check their quality controls thanks to that, we have won many awards in 2019, the results of 2020, have not been published yet.

‘Best in competition’ overall winners

Plain/origin dark bar categories

GoldTinkiy  (Peru) – Paru

Plain/origin milk bar categories

GoldMaraná  (Peru) – Cusco Milk 50% – Single Origin

Plain/origin bars

Plain/origin dark chocolate bars

GoldTinkiy  (Peru) – Paru

SilverCacaosuyo  (Peru) – Piura Select

SilverChoclino  (Peru) – Choclino Bitter 100%

+ Gold: 100%

SilverChoclino  (Peru) – Choclino Bitter 60%

SilverChoclino  (Peru) – Choclino Bitter 70%

SilverMaraná  (Peru) – Cusco 100% – Dark Chocolate

SilverMaraná  (Peru) – Cusco 70% – Dark Chocolate

SilverMaraná  (Peru) – Cusco 80% – Dark Chocolate

SilverMaraná  (Peru) – Piura 70% – Dark Chocolate

Do you eat Peruvian chocolate? WHich one is your favourite?

Where is it from? How do you get it? Explain.

Post your answers and get extra points!