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Now it’s common to use Internet, as part of our daily life, when we listen to music, check youtube, use Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, among others. We feel the necessity to block ads, pop ups, junk mail, etc. All of us, react in a natural way to it… we do not get mad or angry, we just click and close! Others, can pay and upgrade their accounts in order to avoid them.

But, Why are ads so important? When did they become popular online? Do you have a favorite one?

Please check this photo and post your answers:


Welcome to the blog that has been specifically designed for Comprensión Lectora en Inglés – Course 5 – administered by Idiomas Católica.

This blog aims at providing opportunities for participants to exchange information related to the course. Although our reading course is not meant to develop oral or written communication skills, we have noticed that many of you can and wish to “have your say” in English about issues that we look at in the course. Your participation in this blog can award you up to 5 points in the assessment area labelled Tareas de Evaluación Continua.

Ready to begin? It is easy. The questions on the next message are waiting to be answered! You may want to participate TWICE. The first time, just write your answers to the questions. The second time, you are supposed to reply somebody else’s answer.

Enjoy the experience!


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