Unit 8: Career paths

We can compare a career path to a roadmap with short- and long-term goals.  It maps the route one takes from a lower-level position until you arrive at your ultimate goal.  Not all the paths follow a straight line which means that career paths can change.

To achieve the career you want, you need to be strategic with the jobs you take. That’s where mapping out your career path can be a major help. Your career path is simply a series of jobs you take that ultimately lead you to your dream career. Career paths go hand-in-hand with a career plan, which is basically a list of short- and long-term goals that you strive for along your career path.

By mapping out a career path, you can…

  • Avoid taking jobs that get you nowhere.
  •  Chances are good that you’ll have at least a few job changes over the course of your career. When you’re tempted to leave your current job for greener pastures, it helps to ask yourself one simple question: Will this progress my career in the direction that I want? If the answer is no, think twice before you jump ship.
  • Identify gaps in knowledge and skills. Not sure what skills or training you need to progress to the next step in your career? Mapping your career path takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation by helping you see which skills you need to reach your future career goals.
  • Strive for something other than a paycheck. Sure, you want a job that pays the big bucks. Who doesn’t? But for many employees, a paycheck isn’t enough to keep them motivated at work. They want to be fulfilled in their careers, and that comes through personal and professional development.
  • Bounce back quicker from career setbacks. Mapping out your career won’t make you immune to career setbacks. However, it can help you get back on track if your original career plans are derailed. Getting laid off unexpectedly can be super scary, but with a career strategy in place, you can pick up the pieces quickly and come back stronger than before.

Taken from: https://tallo.com/blog/career-path/

What is your ideal job?

What should be the professional expectations of a person with your degree?

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  1. Vivian Revolledo Morán escribió:

    My ideal job is to feel happy and safe in my job, where I can grow personally and professionally. Working with a resilient and effective teamWork with a resilient and effective team.
    Vivian Revolledo Morán

  2. Alcides Rider Montes Borja escribió:

    What is your ideal job?

    My ideal job is one in which I can demonstrate my skills, knowledge and in which I feel that instead of working I can be enjoying what I do, such as my current job( like .

    What should be the professional expectations of a person with your degree?

    The professional expectations for a person with the degrees achieved so far are to be at least a middle manager in the company in which they are working or if they are independent, it could be a prosperous small or medium-sized company.

  3. Javier Eduardo Jiménez Vivas escribió:

    What is your ideal job?

    My ideal job is that one allows me to balance incomes, professional development and private life. In different ways, we can estimate like more important one of these topics, but in the longer time we will discover our mistake. The balance between the three aspects is a vital necessity: if we don’t achieve it, we will suffer the consequences. I know is very difficult to range this middle point and, normally, nobody get it, but we should strive for make it.

    What should be the professional expectations of a person with your degree?

    In my case, I’m a lawyer, I’m a communications master’s student, then I want to obtain the degree for several reasons. Always, I think many of the law problems -almost the half- are communications problems. The law is more interdisciplinary that lawyers often can imagine, and can find out a lot of odds in other disciplines for solve problems. I want to set a new space of law research, and in this way contribute with theory and practice for avoid setbacks in front of the new challenges that society puts to law. At the same time, I want to built a mixed professional profile for future.

  4. Sonia Arteaga escribió:

    My ideal job has the following characteristics:
    1) A place where I feel very good with my colleagues. There are good enviroment work.
    2) A place where I can develop my ideas and project.
    3) A place where I enjoy do each task.

  5. Adriana Mendoza escribió:

    What is your ideal job?
    My ideal job is to work in a research and development area, propose viable and sustainable educational projects.

    What should be the professional expectations of a person with your degree?
    Lead the Research and Development area, be the manager of the investment projects area.

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