UNIT 11: Food trends

As you know despite the fact of COVID-19 pandemic, world population keep growing, so many governments are worried about future food problems and they’re looking for different ways to solve them.

Scientists have been working on many different ways to feed people in the future, on this video you will find some of them.

Please watch the video and answer the next questions:



1-Will insect farming and insect eating become popular in the future? why?

2- Is here a tendency for eating less red meat in the World? explain your answer.

3- Will synthetic meat be an option in the future? Support your answer.

Post your answers and get extra points.


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  1. Javier escribió:

    I think that if the cultivation and feeding of insects will become popular in the future; because it is a viable alternative and it is already being consumed in some countries.

    There is no tendency to eat less red meat in the world. There are people who are carnivores by nature.

    Synthetic meat will be a necessity in the future. There will be more population and natural meat will not be enough, which will probably be very expensive.

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