UNIT 7- Our Peruvian folk music

As you know, during the pandemic COVID-19, people more than ever started using music platforms like spotify, you tube, apple music, etc in order to relax and have a good time!

SO here the question pops up, Why is it important to listen to our Folk Peruvian music?

Well, first because it connects generations, you and your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and creates a special bond, sometimes you smile because just by listening to a specific song, you have memories about your childhood, Xmas, etc.

Secondly, because they’re catchy, they contain nice phrases or they tell you stories, all of them help us to connect to our national identity, our roots and our background.

So after watching this video:

1.- What’s your favorite Peruvian song? Why?
2.- When you listen to folk music what memories do you have?

Post your answer ASAP and get bonus points!

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  1. Javier escribió:

    Peruvian music in general is my favorite. Because of the places in Peru that I visit, I am attracted and inspired by their folk music. I think it is because their melodies reflect the place and its people that I did not know and that it is a world to discover.

    The songs remind me of my rural school in Ayacucho; my peasant parents and friends; They remind me that my country is immense and that it has a great history that I have not yet finished discovering.

  2. Javier escribió:

    The peoples that do not cultivate their culture are destined to disappear. The inhabitants have the obligation to remember and care from generation to generation.

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