Unit 12: How much plastic is in the ocean?

Since we were young, we witnessed the interest of organizations and governments to reduce land, air and water pollution. Unfortunately, last research shows no decrease in contamination levels, on the contrary thos elevels are rising.

“Up to 80% of all litter in our oceans is made of plastic. At the rate at which we are dumping items such as plastic bottles, bags, cups and straws after a single use, by 2050 we will have more plastics in the oceans than fish,.”– Erik Solheim, Head of United Nations Environment

The demand for plastic has increased dramatically over the last 70 years. More than 300 million tonnes of plastic is produced globally every year – half of which is used only once and then disposed of. Less than 14% of plastic produced is recycled, with the remaining 86% ending up in the ocean, environment or landfills. In total, there are about 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic in the world’s landfills – the weight of a billion elephants!

Adapted from: https://www.aquarium.co.za/blog/entry/The-plastic-problem-How-much-plastic-pollution-is-in-our-ocean

What do you think about our government new policies about the use of plastic? Do you agree? Why? Support your answers.

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