Why is music important?

Music education is essential.  It should be available to all students in our public schools.

There are many benefits to music education and many reasons for the importance of music.  Music Education resources can found all over the internet.  Music is a valued by American society.

Read the following article and comment on the topic:

The Importance of Music – Why is music important?

In  your opinion, which of the four reasons given is the most important one?

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  1. crisanris escribió:

    Music is very important for the life because it facilitates the learning of a specific topic or of daily life. For example, my daughter learned to pronounce her first words and to speak at one year of age thanks to music, because she listened to many songs. Also, music helps for concentration and that I have confirmed with my daughter who has TDA (attention deficit), however, she concentrates much more with music in the learning of English and other courses in the school. In addition, she has a lot of skill for the instruments, that exercises her hearing and that’s why she likes to play with the music, changing the lyrics to the songs or inventing songs. Dancing brings joy and that is also important because music is happiness, it goes back to memories. There may be some sad but even sing a song in a karaoke, crying with a song makes us vent and then overcome that stage. For me music is life, it is love, it is passion, it is freedom. I can not conceive my life without music. Also, as if that were not enough, I met my husband by the music, when at work I sang and he played the piano in a band.


    Thanks a lot for sharing Cristina.

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