UNIT 10: The Secrets of Advertising

Funny Advertisements

When it comes to advertising, a brand can attempt to connect with audiences through a variety of creative strategies, some of which include stirring emotions, offering an aspirational model, or presenting a slice of reality. However, it’s often the humorous ads – the clever, laugh out loud, rolling on the floor ads – that will not only connect with audiences, but also get them talking, sharing, and thinking positively about a brand.

Clever and funny advertising provokes a feel-good feeling. It makes audiences feel good about a brand because the brains behind the brand have purposefully attempted to – and hopefully succeeded – in understanding and challenging its audience in order to get grins and chuckles. And who doesn’t like to be understood, challenged or made to laugh?


1- What’s your favorite ad? What’s it about? What’s the product that is promoted?

2-Some people think that advertising has turned us into a greedier society. Do you agree? Why or Why not?

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    My favorite ad is the supermarket chain “Wong”, “where can buy is a pleasure”.
    Try to promote the good service it offers and the variety of products they offer, inviting us to share with other people how well we feel buying in that place.

    On the other hand, advertising influences society and has created many needs, more, more and more, with proposals for lifestyles that are not real, but what is judged with ethical values is the people who do the advertising. The important thing is to promote a critical attitude towards it.
    What do you think?
    Warm regards
    Norma Mercedes


    Hello everyone

    My favorite ad is “less plastic, more life” promoted by the Ministry of the Environment. I like to ads that help improve people’s lives. The ad “less plastic more life” seeks to raise awareness about how the use of plastic affects the environment and marine life, and that people change yours lifestyles using cloth bags for purchases.

    Advertising can be negative when it leads to exaggerated consumerism, people want to acquire everything they see without analyzing the value of things.


    Good evening.
    My favorite ad is that of CPP paints. “Do not screw up, paint with CPP, long-life painting”.
    Greedy society? I disagree. The consumer is free to buy the products they want. Advertising has a decisive influence on the purchasing processes of consumers, but it does not oblige. That is your positive side.
    What do you think?
    Warm regards.
    Gilberto Felix.

  4. José Edgardo escribió:

    Good day
    My favorite ad is “Yungay”, which that was very fashionable in the 90s.
    The ad is about a Peruvian guy who for not knowing English did not understand that an American girl declared her love to him. The ad promoted a English-Spanish dictionary free when you buy the newspaper “Ojo”. This year the ad out again to promote the internet of “Entel Peru” and now if the guy stayed with the girl.
    I think that advertising has turned us into a greedier society, that has created needs that make us consumerists, where often we give more importance to the material than to the spiritual.
    Good Week ¡¡¡¡
    Jose Edgardo

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