Sometimes promoted as the successor to Luciano Pavarotti, Peru’s Juan Diego Flórez is actually a very different kind of tenor, and one of a sort that has not been seen much in recent years: his voice is light, extremely athletic, and suited above all to the bel canto tenor roles of the early nineteenth century. Among the accomplishments of his young career was the restoration to its proper place of a difficult passage, long considered unsingable, in the role of Almaviva in Rossini‘s Il barbière di Siviglia. His primary vocal model is not Pavarotti but Spanish tenor Alfredo Kraus — a performer less well known to the general public but equally well admired among opera cognoscenti.

Born in 1973 in Lima to a folk guitarist father, Flórez sang when he was young in a rock band that specialized in Beatles and Led Zeppelin covers. What set him on the road to an operatic career was a free voice course he took in conjunction with membership in his high school choir. He enrolled at the Lima Conservatory when he was 17, moving on from there to Philadelphia’s Curtis Institute on a full scholarship. One mentor was Peruvian tenor Ernesto Palacio, who became Flórez’s manager.

source: https://www.allmusic.com

Have musical styles from other countries influenced the music scene in your country? Give some examples.  2 Who are the most popular musicians in your country right now? Do you like them? Do you know of any musicians in your country who sing in another language?  3. What has impresssed you the most in Juan Diego Florez’s life?


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  1. Diana Paola Rodríguez escribió:

    In my opinion Colombia has had musical influence from other countries as Spain with romatic music, Argentina with tango, Puerto Rico with reggaeton and England and U.S with rock. The most popular musicians in my country are: Carlos Vives, Shakira, Juanes, J. Balvin, Maluma. I like me Juanes and Carlos Vives because its music is varied, fresh and combines some musical rhythms. Among the musicians who sing in another language are Maluma and J Balvin who have had sung in English.

    I am impressed by the way Juan Diego Flórez interpreting the lyric music through acting in his roles, he says he loves challenges and that shows him on stage.

    Do you like colombian music?. What singers do you like?

  2. fabi escribió:

    I think that music styles from USA and England influenced the music scene in our country. The Beatles and Elvis Presley are only a few examples. The salsa music of Puerto Rico, Colombia and venezuela as well.
    Juan Diego Florez, Gianmarco and Eva Ayllon are the most popular musician in Peru. I like them. Juan Diego Florez creates in Peru schools for poor children where they sing and play. That is very good. What do you think?
    Warm regards.
    Gilberto Felix.

    12/07/18 21:15:08

  3. fabi escribió:

    Dear Gilberto,
    I admire Juan Diego. He uses his money to help our children and that is really admirable!
    Well-done Thanks for participating!
    Best regards,

    12/07/18 22:49:57

  4. fabi escribió:

    Dear Fabiola

    This is true. The Fundation of Juan Diego Flores is supporting in the formation musician of children in the district Monzón. Monzón was one of the drugs tracfficking zones of Perú.

    Best regards,


  5. fabi escribió:

    Hi everyone, the music in Perú is influenced by rhythms from abroad. Some surveys indicate that cumbia, salsa and huayno are the most listened in Perú, and I think the Peruvian´s music is influenced by the music of Colombia, Cuba, Bolivia and other countries. I enjoy all kinds of genre, but especially Andean music such as Kjarkas and there are several of them who sing in Quechua. I admire Juan Diego Florez for his actions for society.
    Best regards
    José Bruno

    14/07/18 11:03:25

  6. fabiola escribió:

    Thank you for your answers guys!


    In my opinion, we have influence from many countries because we are a multicultural country that enriches our music, our gastronomy and many cultural parts.

    One of the important musicians in our country is the singer author Jean Marco internationally known and has started with Creole music.


    I share with the opinions of my colleagues. The musical genres of other countries have influenced Peruvian music and have in some cases been merging and have much to do with lifestyle. For example, “la cumbia” whose origin is African and came from Colombia. Then it was fused with the Peruvian music of huayno and the music of the jungle; when combined with Andean themes it was called “chicha”.
    I also mention the influence of Rock, with Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stone, Queen, Nirvana, Soda Stereo, among others.
    La Salsa, Latin music that comes to Peru in the sixties and seventies, via the boats that came to the port of Callao. Among the greatest exponents we have Celia Cruz, Willy Colon, Rubén Blades and others.
    The ballads, that sings the feeling, the love. You can mention Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka, Frank Sinatra, Julio Iglesias, etc.
    I estimate that the most popular musicians in Peru are: Eva Ayllón, Pedro Suarez Vertiz, Gian Marco. The three of them please me because of their voice and rhythm.
    I do not know any musician from my country who sings in another language.
    For my Juan Diego Flórez, he is a young tenor, who has an extraordinary voice, it is observed that he is spontaneous, generous and supportive. Thanks to life, for the opportunities it enjoys, creating a foundation for music training, to children living in extreme poverty.

    What do you think?
    Warm regards.
    Norma Mercedes


    The traditional music of Peru was influenced for music of the other countries: music afroperuvian and music andean (the instruments that it use).
    I can´t say who is the most popular musicians in my country because there is a lot, and they are good musicians. I think Pedro Suarez is one of the most recognized. I love his songs. I don´t know any musician who sing in another language (except Los Saicos).
    Juan Diego has an incredible voice. And the more important thing: he live his carácter when he sings.

  10. Juan Salazar escribió:

    I think that, undoubtedly Juan Diego Flores is an artist well known for his excellent work, and an example that in our country there are diverse musical styles with respected people worldwide.
    Some styles are own with admirable tones in the world like our Creole music and others influenced by the music of different countries such as Colombian music, Bolivian music, etc.
    It seems to me that the multiculturalism of our country (coast, mountains, jungle) has made us have a varied and recognized variety of music.
    We have examples like Gian Marco, Eva Ayllon, Brothers Gaitan Castro, and others, several of our artists sing in English and even in Quechua, which makes us revalue our roots.
    Juan Diego Flores tells us that when you want to overcome there are no borders, an example to follow.


    Miguel Ángel, I agree with you, I also love the music of Pedro Suárez-Vertiz, for me, his image is him and his guitar. I love listening to their songs like “My car was a frog”, “When you think about going back”, “Amazonas”, “Nadia”, among others.
    On the other hand, fulfills social work, as official spokesman of the United Nations World Food Program.
    Warm regards

  12. Jose Edgardo Loja escribió:

    Goodnight everyone,

    Within the lyrical music Ima Sumac (soprano descendant of the Inca Atahualpa and the first latin american to receive his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his great career) has achieved the same international recognition as Juan Diego Flores, both are extraordinary.

    The most popular musicians in Peru are Eva Ayllon in the creole music, Gianmarco in the ballads, folk music and the huayno with William Luna, Susana Baca in Afro-Peruvian music and the cumbia in Group 5 and of course our Chabuca Granda is always present.

    I like all musical styles, at parties we always dance a little of each music from the cumbia to the huaynos. Personally I admire Adali Montero, she sings jazz and blues ¡ in English ¡, she is not very well known but she is an artist with a wonderful voice.

    The peruvian music is very varied. We have influence from various musical styles, the rock of the United States and varied rhythims from Colombian and Brazilian.

    I read that the criolla music is disappearing, I think not, although there are few new performers, it is still the “criollas peñas” a place to enjoy, sing and dance. Do you think that’s the way it is?

    Good Sunday

    Jose Edgardo Loja

  13. Jose Edgardo Loja escribió:

    Hello Diana Paola,
    I like colombian music, vallenatos and cumbia
    I have started to admire the music of Andrés Cepeda, he is a great composer and singer. I met him by “The Voice Kids” of Colombia and from there I listen to his songs again and again, I am fascinated.
    Colombia has a lot of talent.
    Best regards
    Jose Edgardo Loja

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