Since ancient times men have had to find a way to express thier feelings and emotions, one of these ways is music. Regardless of an individual’s sex, age, political beliefs or religion, we can relate to music to help us express our mood and feelings.

Studies have long tried to identify the reasons that music is so soothing. Students of the human brain have long known that music has a unique link to our emotions and thus, serves as an effective stress management tool.

Each culture has very own particular ways to express their feelings, in our country we have: Huayno, marinera, afro music, huaylas, among others.

So, here comes the questions for you:

1.- What kind of Peruvian music do you like? Why?

2.- Did you grow up by listening to it or did you like it in your adulthood? How come?

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  1. Sofia Solsol escribió:

    1. The kind of Peruvian music I prefer are pandilla of the Jungle, criolla and afro of the Coast and Carnival of the Cajamarca, because are cheerful and danceable music.

    2. I grew up listening to that kind of music because I practiced dance in my school days

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