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How Are Food and the Environment Related?

What do you think is the impact of your diet to environment?

Can you turn most of the garbage you create in compost?

How  would you describe your eating habits?


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  1. Carlos Velásquez escribió:

    Human food, has a close relationship with the environment, we require balanced nutrition to keep us healthy physically and intellectually, in order to successfully face the challenges that life offers us. Consequently, in order to obtain adequate nutrition, we turn to the foods offered by the market, which are obtained after a breeding process involving the use of a series of toxic substances that maximize their production and marginalize those who are part of the chain, substances that influence the environment in different ways, mostly harmful to its conservation and proper use.

    Our diet has a severe impact on the environment, when we eat meat immediately we refer to the influence in the air we from animal flatulence, when we consume corn or soybeans we have to understand that they are products that grow as monocultures in huge strips of land that are suffering permanent deterioration, in general the plants are raised with the use of chemical inputs that then cause irreversible damage to the environment in general.

    Yes, since the compost is obtained from different materials of organic origin, therefore, the remains of our food can be subjected to a controlled biological process of fermentation, which would then be used as fertilizer and as a substitute for chemical fertilizers. Therefore, we could then use it in agriculture and gardening as organic fertilizer, in addition to erosion control, coatings and soil recovery.

    My eating habits today are balanced, I make five meals a day, in which I distribute the intake of fruits, vegetables, fiber, abundant liquid and natural fats, in this way complet the nutrients necessary for a healthy life.


    The relacionship food and environment of many ways, all the containers of what we eat then becomes trash polluting our environment and in the sea, people believe that nature is a pot. Pesticides to eradicate insects from food also contaminate our protective layer of the sun. many industrial processes pollute animals, sea and land, oil, etc.
    My healthy and homemade diet, I hope it helps in the environment.
    In my family we promote healthy home-made food without fat, lots of fruit, vegetables, it is cooked only once a day, we recycle the trash in papers, cartones, plasticos and other organic. in addition this distribution helps recyclers who collect at night. the junk food is rich, we try to eat it once a month or fortnightly.


    How Are Food and the Environment Related?
    Both are very related, everything we eat has repercussions for good or for bad in our environment, since after consuming something we discard some waste.

    What do you think is the impact of your diet to environment?
    My diet is healthy and homemade therefore I do not think it has a negative impact on the environment as it mostly consume natural products. Although we think it right, man always has an impact, the theme is to be able to mitigate and reduce the impact.

    Can you turn most of the garbage you make into compost?
    Yes, since the compost has an earthy appearance, free of odors and pathogens, it can be used as a background fertilizer and as a partial or total substitute for chemical fertilizers for agriculture.

    How would you describe your eating habits?
    My eating habits are healthy and orderly, I took 2 liters of water a day, like 3 fruits a day, I do not consume sugar in my liquids, I do 30 minutes of exercise, like my hours and very rarely have cravings for junk food.

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