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Do you think there is a negative side of advertisement?

Does it affect our values? How?

Have you ever felt affected by this industry?

What do you think is its biggest negative impact?

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  1. Carlos Velásquez escribió:

    If there is always a negative side in advertising, the market rules already established point to the prevalence of supply and demand as a result, producers of goods and services will try to influence our psyche to generate demand, no matter what of them can be derived, thus, it is not uncommon to find superfluous expenses or distortions of personality and health for trying to reach the standards of perfection offered there.

    Values ​​are affected, when advertising stereotypes consumers and distances them from important values ​​for the social fabric, such as solidarity, social responsibility, love, friendship, work, fair competition and on the contrary diverts attention to the privilege of having and doing, all this would be generating a social deterioration that should attract our attention.

    Yes, before a publicity campaign vexing by gender, in which the female figure was used as an aspiration after the ingestion of alcohol.

    The impulse of prejudices and stereotypes, leaving aside useful and sincere aspects, characteristic of a free and beneficial human development to the community.


    Do you think there is a negative side of advertisement?
    I think so, the ads will always want to sell and grab the attention of the consumer to how to place indistinctly whether the product in good or bad. There have been cases that do not care about the consumer’s biniestar, they only care about making money.

    Does it affect our values? How?
    There have been announcements in which they have emphasized values, such as not throwing garbage in the streets, keep calm in earthquake cases. However there are other ads related to misleading advertising, which has a negative intention.

    Have you ever felt affected by this industry?
    Yes, in certain ads the traits of the people do not agree with our reality. For example: in the clothing catalogs of some stores by department the models do not agree with our reality, that is, the Peruvians, for the most part, are not “blanquitos”. I think that it should show itself as we really are.

    What do you think is the biggest negative impact?
    Sell ​​us something that is not like the case of “pure milk life.” All the time we consumed that product thinking it was milk and it was not. How can that brand remedy the damage it has caused to thousands of consumers?

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