Find the right job for your personality

Is your job just a way to pay the bills, or would you prefer it to be a source of great fulfillment? If you chose the latter, one way you might be able to reach that goal is to ensure that your career matches your personality. While we are all individuals and none of us want to be encumbered with labels, certain personality types complement certain types of jobs. This article explores some common personality categories and the types of jobs that may lead to more success—and ultimately, happiness.

  1. The Leader You are self-confident, decisive, have excellent communication skills, and love to organize both people and projects. People look up to you, often approaching you with issues and problems that you relish solving. You prefer to approach things in an orderly and structured manner, but typically don’t like routine or detail-oriented tasks. You are uncomfortable in the role of follower.

Ideal careers for leaders: Try careers that put you in the driver’s seat and come with lots of responsibility and mentoring/teambuilding opportunities, such as Professor, Life or Business Coach, Lawyer, Judge, Executive Officer, or Entrepreneur.

2.     The Artist You love to create, are typically original and unconventional, and feel confined by rules and schedules. You avoid routine tasks and want the time and space to go in your own direction. You prefer a slow-paced atmosphere to a stressful atmosphere. How you spend your time is very important, and you tend to focus on the present, rather than on the future.

Ideal careers for artsy types: Try careers that allow you to create and explore independently and with flexibility. Ideally, rules, regimens, timelines, and deadlines should be less of a focus than the end result. Graphic Artist, Interior Designer, Writer, Product Designer, Marketing Professional, and Advertising Executive are all good choices.

3.     The Doer You are a resourceful, observant, action-oriented individual who likes a fast-paced environment. You enjoy coming up with quick solutions to thorny problems, but tend to solve problems on the fly, rather than coming up with a detailed plan. You are the first in your group to embrace an adventure, and don’t mind taking a risk. You work well with others, and are typically well-liked and perceived as fun to be around. You enjoy initiating projects, but often need help seeing projects through.

Ideal careers for doers: Seek out careers that allow you to take advantage of your people skills, provide new and exciting experiences, and allow you to jump in and react quickly to immediate needs, such as Financial Planner, Real Estate Agent, Medical Professional, Sales Representative, Policeman/Detective, Computer Technician, Marketing Specialist, or Entrepreneur…

Read the article above and watch the video suggested: What do you think matters? Personality or what Steve Jobs says in the video? What about you and your job?



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