Now it’s common to use Internet, as part of our daily life, when we listen to music, check youtube, use Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, among others. We feel the necessity to block ads, pop ups, junk mail, etc. All of us, react in a natural way to it… we do not get mad or angry, we just click and close! Others, can pay and upgrade their accounts in order to avoid them.

But, Why are ads so important? When did they become popular online? Do you have a favorite one?

Please check this photo and post your answers:

Our love for chocolate!

The Olmecs, who in the ancient times lived on what today is the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, grew cocoa trees (Theobroma cacao L.). Later civilizations of the Mayans and the Aztecs continued plantations of cocoa trees and the tradition of eating their seeds. In the beginning, a drink was made of ground cocoa beans mixed with honey, vanilla, chilli, and cornmeal. The drink was only available to the elite, priests and warriors, and consumed during sacred rituals. Ancient Mayans thought highly of cocoa beans and called them ‘the gift of gods’. Hence, the raw material was considered very valuable and was used as currency.

These days, cacao trees are cultivated in the entire equatorial zone, in the hot and humid tropical climate, in South and Central Americas, West Africa, Asia and Oceania. Our country Peru, has won many awards for its chocolate!

There are different kinds of chocolate: white, dark, bitter among others.

For many years, chocolate was criticized for being high-calorie and containing saturated fats which tended to be associated with adverse effects such as obesity and caries. In the recent years, dark chocolate with a high content of cocoa products (70-90%) has been growing in popularity. The trend has been fuelled by a rising consumer awareness of the positive impact of cocoa product consumption on the human health and well-being.

Adapted from: https://blog.p.lodz.pl/en/health/chocolate-food-gods  
  • How pften do you eat chocolate? Explain.
  • What’s your favorite Peruvian chocolate? Why?

Music evolution!

Before I start writing about music, I would like to share with you this quote:”Music can evolve by the process of natural selection, the same way species evolve in the natural world.”

I think, we do not need to have Mozart or Verdi talent in order to write or compose music.; because it helps us to express our feelings and emotions. Some people use it as part of their therapies!

Natural selection refers to Darwin’s idea that within a population there is always variation. Some variants are undesirable and go extinct, while others do exceptionally well and thrive. Scientists have tried to apply this method to human culture, claiming that words, songs, images and ideas undergo a similar process — for example these cultural artefacts mutate, some die out and others catch on and become great hits.

It’s also important to preserve our musical tradition, our instruments like charanago, quena among others. Dancing also plays an important role in music evolution. New generations make new mixes using new beats and instruments.

Adpated from: https://scienceillustrated.com.au/blog/culture/the-evolution-of-music/

Do you prefer modern music? or 80’s? or 90’s?

What do you think about our Peruvian folk? Have you give it a try?=

Share your answers.



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