Unit 8: Language and Communication








Read this piece of text adapted from “The Guardian”, a British newspaper. For further reference go to http://labs.theguardian.com/digital-language-divide/

The relationship between language and the internet is a growing area of policy interest and academic study. The story emerging is one where language profoundly affects your experience of the internet. It determines how much – if any – information you can access on Wikipedia. Google searching “restaurants” in a certain language may bring you back 10 times the results of doing so in another. And if your language is endangered, it is possible it will never have a life online. Far from infinite, the internet, it seems, is only as big as your language.

What would be the best title for this article?

  1. Internet as a powerful force for communication
  2. Internet: the language you speak matters!
  3. Internet promote equality amongst all the languages

Are these statements True or False?

  1. Language and internet are not related
  2. The amount of information you may find on internet depends of the language you speak.
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