UNIT 8 BLOG: Language and communication.

Dear students.

It is time to start with our weekly blog. Please, go to page 87 of your book and answer the following questions:

1 Look at the ways to say Hello in the different languages above. Which ones
do you know?

2 How many languages can you speak? Which languages would you like to learn?

3 Which are the most popular languages to study in your country? Why are they

Please, answer the questions and then read your partners answers and reply to them. Remember to participate at least twice so there is evidence of interaction and you have the chance to get up to 5 additional points in HT1.

Best regards

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  1. Susan escribió:

    I know the words “Bon dia” is hello in Portuguese, bonjour is in French, konnichiwa means hello in Japanice and hola is use in countries that speak spanish.

    My mother language is spanish and I am learning English and Portugues, but I will like to learn japanice and french. On the other hand In my country the most popular language to study in schools and universities is english because gives access to more information and it is a requirement to access jobs

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