Unit 7 blog: Great structures

Dear students. It is time to start our blog. This week, please discuss the following questions taken from page 87 of our book.
1. Have you ever seen any of the structures in the pictures above?
What other great structures or buildings do you know? Which ones have you visited?
3 Are there any great structures or buildings in your country?

Please answer the questions, read your partner’s answers and reply to them. Blog participation is awarded with up to 5 additional points in HT1.
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  1. Miguel Pachas Serrano escribió:

    Unfortunately, whenever I’ve been to Cuzco, it’s been for work. I do not know the most important archaeological remains or what you can see in the photograph.
    However, I know many old and modern structures. For example, in Peru I know Marcahuamachuco, an impressive archaeological site located in the middle of the northern Andes mountain range. In Europe I know ancient Phoenician, Greek and Roman cities such as Gadir-Cadiz, Naxos -Taormina, Emerita Augusta- Mérida, Londinium -London.

  2. Katherine López escribió:

    When I was twenty years old, I visited “Sacsayhuamán”, that was very exciting and unforgettable experience.
    I went with my university colleagues on a study trip.

    Then, the second time I visited Cusco was with my family, we went on holidays and it was really fun. We met many place and archeological sites such as “Coricancha”, “Tambomachay”, “Ollantaytambo” and “Pisac”, but the greatest archeological centre we visited was “Machu Picchu”. All those archeological sites are located in the city of Cusco in Perú.

    However there are other magnificient places to know in Perú as “the Inca Baths”, “the Rescue Room” in Cajamarca or “Chavin de Huantar” in Huaraz.

    The other great structures or buildings that I know but have not visited yet are “the Pyramds of Egypt”, “the lost city of Petra” or “the Basilica of the sacred family” from Barcelona among other places, buildings or great structures to be know.

  3. Katherine López escribió:

    Hello Miguel,
    It is a pity that you do not know Sacsayhuamán, it is one of the places that you have to know before dying , I recommend you visit in the month of June that celebrate the festival of Inti Raimy.

    A consultation, where is Marcahuamachuco?

  4. Omar Vasquez escribió:

    Yeah, I have visited Cusco three times. I think it is a magic city. Other structure I have visited is Chichen Itza en Mexico.

    In my country, Peru, there are many great structures as the Temple of Chavin de Huantar in Huaraz, Archaeological Complex Kuelap in Chachapoyas or Chan Chan in Trujillo.

  5. Beatriz Emiliana Huamán Barrueta escribió:

    Hello Miguel,
    It is a shame you do not know these places in Cusco. On your next vacations, go to Cusco and visit them! They are amazing!
    I don’t know Marcahuamachuco; can you tell me in what city it’s located?

    Thank you!

  6. Beatriz Emiliana Huamán Barrueta escribió:

    1) I have not seen the structures in the pictures of the book on page 87, but if i have seen other great structures.
    2) I know great structures or buldings both modern and ancient, for example: a) The Eiffel tower and Louvre museum in Paris – France, b) the pyramids of Egypt, c) the sun and the moon pyramides in Teotihuacan – Mexico, d) the old city of Jerusalem and the Mosque of the Rock in Jerusalem – Israel, e) the statue of Jesus of Nazareth on the summit of Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro – Brasil, f) the opera of Sydney in Australia, g) the Taj Mahal in India, h)The Great Wall of China in, i) the great palace of the Kremlin in Russia, j) the great citadel of Machupicchu in Peru and many others.
    I visited, the sun and the moon pyramids in Teotihuacan on my vacations in 2010 and also i visited the old city of Jerusalem and the Mosque of the Rock in 2013 during my vacations in Jerusalem – Israel.
    3) Yes, there are, for example: a) the great fortress of Machupicchu and Sacsayhuaman fortress in Cusco b) Huanuco Pampa fortress in La Unión – Huánuco, c) Kuelap fortress in Luya – Amazonas.
    I know Machupicchu, Sacsayhuaman and Ollantaytambo, because i visited it when i travelled to Cusco many years ago. Also i visited Huanuco Pampa fortress, it was the capital of the Chinchaysuyo of the great Empire of Tahuantinsuyo, it is magical and truly remarkable.


    In the year 2008 I visited the city of Cusco, I had the opportunity to go to the Ollantaytambo fortress, it is a wonderful place.

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