Since ancient times, men have built different types of structures, buildings, among others. Here is a list of some of the most amazing man made structures:

1.- Teotihuacan is one of the largest city of ancient world, now can located in Mexico. The marvelous constructions that found within this place built in time span of 100 BC and still remains as one of greatest man made wonders. The amazing pyramid of Sun at Teotihuacan have same base areas as that of great pyramid of Giza, having only half of height of pyramid of Giza. The ancient pyramids found at Teotihuacan built using rubble and abode bricks.

  • Pyramid of Sun is second largest pyramid in the world.
  • Can found the texts of both Maya and Zapatoc from Teotihuacan.
  • Archaeologists have discovered Mica in almost every buildings of Teotihuacan.
  • These ancient pyramids built for Gods of Sun and Moon, became religiously significant ancient system.
  • Have discovered many mysterious sphere system, the use of these spheres are still unknown.

2.- Colosseum of Rome is the largest amphitheater in the world. It is built in 70AD using concrete and stones with base of Roman architecture. There are 80 entrances and have a capacity of 50000 spectators within Colosseum of Rome. In ancient time Colosseum used for hosting game between people and animals.

  • It took more than 9 years to complete the work of Colosseum.
  • It is estimated 100000 cubic meters of marbles are used for the creation of Colosseum.
  • The dangerous natural disasters like Earthquake made huge change within appearance of Colosseum.

What modern buildings would you include on this list?

Why do you think they deserve to be on this list?

What is the tallest building you have visited?

Post your comments.

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  1. MIGUEL TORRES escribió:

    I answer the questions with great interest, indicating that I like reading.
    first question:
    in this list, he joined some ancient from Peru, like the temple of the city of Karal.
    second question:
    because they are constructions of the same line from which the others were discovered.
    third question:
    Macchu Picchu

  2. José Edgardo escribió:

    Good afternoon everyone.
    The Eiffel Tower, Christ the Redeemer and the Tower of Pisa are some of the modern constructions that would be included in the list. These constructions deserve to be on the list because they represent the human ingenuity of creating and building wonders that endure over time. Represented to France, Brazil and Italy and are visited every year by thousands of people.
    Last year I was at the Eiffel Tower with my family, it was amazing and exciting, at night from the top you see the whole city of Paris beautifully lit. I hope to come back soon.
    Good weekend
    José Edgardo

    1. Idiomas Virtual Autor escribió:

      Oh! I suppose that visiting these places should be awesome! I have not been there yet! I plan to do it next year!

  3. José Edgardo escribió:

    Hi Miguel, I don¨nt visited Caral. It´s near of Lima.
    Caral is considered the oldest city in America. It is 5000 years old and is a cultural heritage of humanity. We must take care of it.
    José Edgardo

    1. Idiomas Virtual Autor escribió:

      Oh! I visited Caral many years ago, I loved the experience and the food!


    Good morning everyone
    I would like to answer the questions
    First question:
    The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), located in Midtown Manhattan (New York), United States. Its architecture is modern
    The expansion of the Museum, opened in the year 2004, was conducted by the Japanese architect Yoshio Taniguchi.
    The rooms are grouped around a patio with natural light and views over the garden of sculptures “Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden”

    -The Museum of Louvre(Paris-Francia), which installs since its founding at the old Castle of the Louvre, modernized in the 1980’s , a glass pyramid , designed by the architect Ieoh Ming Pei, for centralize access to visitors, descending by it to an underground entrance hall which leads to the different rooms of the Museum.

    Second question
    They are buildings that have been modernized to house works of art, our past and present and allows us to reflect as society and humanity. .

    Third question
    The world Trade Center, together known as the twin towers.
    107 floors
    Location: Lower Manhattan, New York City, United States
    Destroyed by the attacks of September 11, 2001

    Norma Mercedes

    1. Idiomas Virtual Autor escribió:

      Wow! I did not know that Norma! Great job!

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