I’ve written my conference paper, now what?

Now that you’ve drafted your conference paper, it’s time for the most important part—delivering it before an audience of scholars in your field!  Remember that writing the paper is only one half of what a conference paper entails. It is both a written text and a presentation.

According to the video….

What makes a good conference talk? How can I prepare for my first time? What unexpected surprises should I expect?

Tell us about you…

Have you ever had the chance to make a presentation? When? What about?

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  1. 06812043 escribió:

    According to video a good conference is made by the performance. A good conference is made by the performance, how you present yourself to the public, your voice for your own research. To prepare first you should making your slide before.

    Recommends that don´t feel the temptation to fill any pauses with unnecesary sound or words.
    Make sure you talk loudly and into the microphone.

    When people are distracted don´t take it personally

    Regarding the second question, no, I have not. But a hope to make a presentation soon, for my thesis sustentation.

    1. Idiomas Virtual Autor escribió:

      Thank you Patricia!
      Good luck on your thesis dissertation:)
      I hope these tips are useful for you.
      Warm regards,

  2. 46472770 escribió:

    What makes a good conference talk? How can I prepare for my first time? What unexpected surprises should I expect?
    I was able to understand the following considerations:
    Visual aids: Utilize visually appealing slides or other visual aids to enhance your presentation. Keep them simple, with key points or visuals that support your narrative. Avoid overcrowding slides with excessive text.
    Engaging delivery: Captivate the audience by using storytelling techniques, incorporating humor, and maintaining an enthusiastic and confident demeanor. Vary your tone, pace, and body language to keep the audience engaged.
    Don´t feel the temptation to fill any pauses with unnecessary sounds or words like um, so, uh. Just pause.
    Pay attention to the allotted time for your talk and practice staying within that time limit.
    Tailor your talk to the specific interests and background knowledge of the conference attendees. Consider their level of expertise and adjust your content accordingly. Make sure to explain any technical jargon or concepts that might not be familiar to everyone.
    Anticipate potential questions and prepare thoughtful answers. If you encounter a question you’re unsure of, be honest and open about it.
    Don´t take it personally. People may be thinking to do other things after you presentation
    Have you ever had the chance to make a presentation? When? What about?
    In October of last year, I had the opportunity to do my Master’s degree thesis at the Centrum PUCP graduate school. My thesis consisted on the use of recyclable materials to contribute to not generating pollution. At first I really felt very nervous, but in the development of the presentation I was losing the fear of making mistakes and I managed to get a satisfactory result by passing the presentation. It was one of the most important achievements that I obtained so far.
    I would like to know the considerations of my colleagues and get their opinions regarding my blog. Thanks.
    Estelista Angelica Centeno Canchanya

    1. Idiomas Virtual Autor escribió:

      Very interesting post Angelica!
      Congrats on your dissertation succeess:)

  3. Sara Vásquez escribió:

    The video is very interesting, it shows us in a dynamic way what can happen in a conference presenting, the first thing is to prepare the slides, that help us to organize the main ideas, our time and the resources that we will need. Besides, the slides must have color and graphics to capture the attention of the audience. Pay attention and be prepared for last-minute incidents, be careful that our nerves play a trick on us. We must have a suitable and quality projector, in the end have space for answer questions from the audience. I have made many presentations and in all of them I felt nervous, but the previous preparation is what gives us confidence, the notes are important for me so as not to forget important points. Remember the performance must be about your research not about you!!

    1. Idiomas Virtual Autor escribió:

      Dear Sara,
      Well done!
      Thank you for your active participation in the blogs:)
      Best regards,

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