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A Traditional “Huayno” Song

” ‘Valicha’ is a very popular ‘huayno’ song from the town of Cusco in Peru. The huayno is a popular song and it’s danced in this region of Peru. The lyrics tell about a pretty girl named Valicha who is stealing the hearts of young men.”

Traditional Song (Quechua)

Valicha, lisa pasñaqa, Niñaschay deveras
Maypiraq kasanki
Qosqo urapi ñachu, Niñaschay deveras
Imatan ruwasian
Qosqoman chayaruspari
Niñaschay deveras
Imata ruwanka
Sapanka achawasipis, Niñaschay deveras
Sarata kutasian


Traditional Song (English)

The lovely girl, Valicha
Really, girl
Where are you?

Now, In the lower barrio of Cusco
Really, girl
What are you doing?

In (the city of) Cusco, right over there
Really, girl
What would you do?

In every achawasi*
Really, girl
You are grinding corn


Should children be encouraged to appreciate folk music? Why /why not?
Do you think Regaetton is here to stay? Do you think this usic genre will still be popular 10 years from now?
Do you think music is something that is universally enjoyed by all cultures? Why? why not?

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  1. Martin Moya escribió:

    1. Of course, children must appreciate the folklore of their country and thus strengthen their identity. that does not prevent them from listening to modern music
    2. I think reggaeton is a passing fad. It is likely that within 10 years new musical genres will emerge that young people will like

    3. Music is part of the culture of the peoples and of the daily life of the people, music is enjoyed all over the world because it connects us, it is not something rational or academic it has to do with the enjoyment of the senses

  2. Kelly Montoya escribió:

    1. Of course, yes, so that they know our folkloric and cultural roots.
    2. It is a genre of music that is definitely going to stay as part of popular culture as well as cumbia or rock.
    3. I think so, because it is part of the cultural creation of each town and provides joy.

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