11/06/19: Peruvian wildlife!

All of us are proud and happy of being Peruvian people! Now, we face new challenges , which is the legacy for the new generations, all of us grew up listening stories about “the greatness of Tawantinsuyo”, or how honest and organized our ancestors were.

I invite you to watch this video and answer the questions:

1.- Have you ever visited any othese places?

2.- Which animals or places need to be protected? why?

3.- Have you ever had the chance to support them? explain.



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  1. Jacqueline escribió:

    I never have been in Peru however Colombia has the same challenges. Our ecosystems are endangered because in the past we didn’t take care of as to use these place of the manner correct and nowadays We are seeing the consequences.

    The climate change has generated that the wasteland produces less water and that in time summer fires occurs in those places that damage the vegetation. Today in some places, not enough water to human consumption.

    Other troubles are the deforestation and the illegal mining, in some places in Colombia isn’t regulated and therefore anybody can make projects without to have care of the environment. Priority is given to economic production in exchange for the ecosystems. And this is terrible because wildlife suffer losing their habitat and of this way, the number of animals decreasing and in some cases the species disappear.

  2. luis miguel torres bonifacio escribió:

    1.- Have you ever visited other places?
    I have visited several places in Europe; and that makes me understand how blessed I am to live in Peru, a country with so much wealth and variety that is what uq emas highlights. our country has all coast, mountains and jungle is a pride to be Peruvian with so much wealth.

    2.- What animals or places should be protected? why?
    my principle is to take care of all the places and all the animals, we just have to give a special interest to those who are in danger of extinction, but this does not mean that we are going to neglect the rest. It is very important also to take care of domestic animals such as dogs, cats, etc.

    3.- Have you ever had the opportunity to support them? explain
    If I had the opportunity, I worked in an institution that traveled to the jungle and sierra and in a personal way we supported the flora and fauna

  3. luis miguel torres bonifacio escribió:

    Regarding the comment that preceded me, I invite you to know Peru, which is a wonderful and blessed country, where there is opportunity to know and marvel at its riches.

  4. Eyleen J Naranjo G escribió:

    1.- Have you ever visited other places?

    There is no need to go too far to see that our countries have to stop and begin to preserve their nature, not become like “developed” countries that have ended their natural life in exchange for money through factories and large companies . In all of Latin America we must help conserve our rivers, not allow techniques such as fracking and start recycling and that the products sell them preferably without boxes and without bags.

    2.- What animals or places should be protected? why?
    I think we must change our mentality, that is the great challenge, because we should not only care for the animals that are already disappearing because of humans, for example the opossum or the bees here in Colombia, but all the animals, all the people we must teach our children to the sea, the planet and all its beings, because we all deserve equality and respect because we all inhabit the earth

    3.- Have you ever had the opportunity to support them? explain
    I have helped with many water care and environmental care campaigns, I have helped some homeless dogs, but I would really like to be able to support much more, belonging to an NGO that cares for and protects animals.

  5. Raúl Martínez escribió:

    1.- Have you visited any other place?
    When you travel to the province of Arica in Chile, visit the Morro de Arica. It is part of the history of the Pacific War between Peru and Chile, which took place between 1879 and 1884 and caused many human losses. At the top of the Morro there are still some cannons of the time, a Cristo de la Concordia and the Arica Historical and Weapons Museum.
    2.- What animals or places should be protected? why?
    In Peru there are different animals in extinction such as the Andean bear, Andean condor, anteater, among others. For example, the Andean bear that is also known as the spectacled bear is of small size and the most important feature are white or yellowish spots around the eyes, which sometimes reach the throat and chest area. In Ferreñafe-Lambayeque there is a habitat for the only population of Spectacled Bears that exists in the dry forest of Peru.
    3.- Have you ever had the opportunity to support them? explain
    Help some water care campaigns for the efficient use of this scarce resource. I would like to support projects for the declaration of Protected Natural Areas by example as in 1973 the National Park of Manu was established.


    I have been blessed with the possibility of travelling around the world. In the last years, I visited wonderful countries such as Brasil, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the US.
    Each of these places had something beautiful that kept reminding me how important is to protect our biodiversity.
    I believe that one of our main priorities as a society is to protect all places and all species, especially those are in more danger.
    By doing so, we are making sure that the next generations will enjoy all the same resources and benefits the world has provided us with.
    Everyone has the chance to support this great cause. In my case, I just haven’t had the opportunity to help directly yet.

  7. Diana Paola Rodríguez escribió:

    I’m Colombian. I have never visited Peru. Colombia too have beautiful places that show the diversity fauna and flora. I have visited villages where there are beautiful landscapes, mountains, lakes representative of the place; in Villa de Leyva “The blue wells”, in Paipa, sochagota lake and near here “White beach”, located in the framework of the Tota’s lagoon.

    I think that we must protect the animals in the way of extinction. In Colombia we find animals as, Rana Dorada, Oso Perezoso, Mono Tití Cabeza Blanca, Manatí Amazónico, Guacamaya, that form part of identify of the country. In the same way, we should take care of domestic animals, since some cases are mistreated. As well as the natural resources should be care and protect too. This is important for the conservation of the environment and development and evolution our planet in the future.

    I have not have the opportunity the participate in any cause that help the environment, but I try to take care the water, nature and the animals. Of this depends in the environment in which we will live.


  8. Norma Mercedes Mina Aparicio escribió:

    Our country is rich in natural resources, whose abundance and heterogeneity of species are threatened by climate change, which is the greatest environmental threat facing humanity.
    We see how habitat has been destroyed especially for native species, in addition to water pollution, as well as trade in exotic species. In Peru, we have for example the endangered ñandú, the duck, the ganzo, among others.
    I have had the opportunity to travel to China and it is also observed, the same difficulties as regards the species in danger of extinction, for example, the panda oso be mentioned, due to the destruction of its natural habitat, by logging without control, thousands of hectares of bamboo forests. The Chinese government tries to keep them in special places for their preservation, as well as investigating the way in “how to help” their reproduction.
    In the place where I am, I try to make good use of natural resources, and prevent defenseless animals from being threatened by third parties.

  9. José Edgardo escribió:

    Good day,
    1. Peru is a country blessed with many places to visit, it has a varied and rich flora and fauna and a diversity of climates and ecosystems. I have been able to visit the north where its beaches and archaeological remains of pre-Inca cultures stand out, the mountains have beautiful and imposing landscapes, Cuzco, Arequipa and Tarma are the places that I liked the most. My father’s family is from the jungle, the heat in summer is very strong in Iquitos, San Martin and Pucallpa. I have sailed the Amazon River too and this was exciting. I like to know many places of the country because they have their patron festivities where people have fun and give their friendship to visitors.
    2. In present times, it is very important that we can protect our Amazon, since it is one of the lungs of the world, the government must fight for example against illegal logging, since the trees and forests that are also habitat of many species of plants and animals. It should also be regulated to improve the laws against illegal mining that pollute rivers and with them the habitat that surrounds them. We ourselves are destroying what nature gives us
    3.Yes, it was very nice to participate with an ONG to clean the beaches, they gave us a polo, a hat, gloves and a bag to collect garbage. I do not understand how people can throw garbage, there are places to put them. I feel so bad when I see in the news that marine animals die as a result of consuming plastics. We hope that the new generations will become aware of the importance of taking care of our planet.
    José Edgardo

  10. José Edgardo escribió:

    Hi, Diana,
    I also hope to visit Colombia soon, I have very nice references of its beaches and its cities, especially the warmth of its people. In Peru we also have many species of animals in danger of extinction, such as the Amazonian pink dolphin, the spectacled bear, the Andean condor, the cat of the Andes, the yellow-tailed woolly monkey, among others. Fortunately we have some national reserves such as Pacaya – Samiria, Calipuy, Pampa Galeras where they are protected.
    Good weekend
    José Edgardo

  11. Héctor Arturo Delgado Rodríguez escribió:

    1.-Have you ever visited any othese places?
    Yes, I have visited some of them.
    2.- Which animals or places need to be protected? why?
    All animals in danger of extinction, for instance our vicuña, cock of the rocks and spectacled bears. Places such as Junin lake with its special wildlife, Huascaran National Park, Yanachaga Chemillen Park among others need to be protected due to the fact that they are unique in the world and that is something we feel very proud of.
    Unfortunately, pollution around the world is affecting our animals and other tourist attractions and that is something we have to be aware and promote consciousness and campaigns against global warming.
    3.- Have you ever had the chance to support them? explain.
    Yes, once I had the opportunity to work in an area near the Yanachaga Chemillen National Park in Pasco, Peru. We designed some signs to make people aware of the place where they lived. It is incredible yet true but in this area near the park some people burnt jungle to plant producing pollution. Our job was make people aware that burning greenland was something terrible.

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