Reading plays an important role in our lives. Since our first words which were praised by our parents and teachers, till those research papers we’ve been editing and struggling to hand in. It looks like we’ve been reading during our whole lives. But what does it imply? Do we do it just by pleasure? or because we have to? Let’s watch a video and get some extra information about it! Please post your comments about What have been a memorable book for you? Supporting your answer!





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  1. 20043772 escribió:

    The worst habit before going to bed is use sceens. But read must be one habit everybody can cultivate right now. Read have these benefits:
    1.- Expands your vocabulary.
    When we read more books will introduce you new words and is much easier learning words. Read books help to be articulate and well-spoken.
    2.- improve concentration and focus.
    It helps you when you required to concentrate on the task and in the work.
    3.- Can motivate you.
    When you read it open the doors to a new world. Reading inspirational book can give you new ideas to implement in your own work or personal life.
    4.- Broadens your imagination.
    Read is a great way to exercise your mind and brain, because reading stimulates the right side of the brain and open the mind to new possibilities.
    5.- Prevent alzheimer´s disease.
    Reading can keep your mind sharp. All those words, lines and sentences will have a long-term benefit on your brain health.
    6.- Can reduce stress and anxiety.
    Reading is the best way to combat it and reduce stress.
    7.- improve your personality.
    People are sociable. When you have more knowledge you will be able to express your views on many topics and will always have some times to add it. Everybody are friendly with people having varied areas of interest.
    8.- Boosts sleep.
    People must read for 10 minutes before you hit the bed. It can take your mind off of whatever is troubling you and help you to sleep better.
    9.- Make you emphathetic.
    When people read books help to be emphahetic. Because there are many different types of book that teach things that help you to form it.
    10.- Helps to write.
    When people read know new words and it cvan help us to write well.
    11.- increase your life span.
    When you read can be a fun entertaining way to live long. Every day must read 30 minutes help the health. it has the same effect as laughing or yoga on your brain

  2. MIRIAM TINEO R escribió:

    What has been a memorable book for you?

    For me the memorable book was The Cow, A Story About How to Get Rid of Conformity and the Excuses That Prevent Us from Succeeding, using the Cow as a symbol for those things that keep people in a comfort zone, excuses, pretexts, false beliefs, andjustifications.

    In this book he will show you what can happen in your life when you finally break free from those bonds and start using your true potential.

  3. 09679720 escribió:

    Victor Paul Muñoz Ruiz

    A memorable book for me has been “The Richest Man in Babylon”, this book tells the stories of characters in the ancient city of Babylon, who seek to achieve wealth and financial independence.
    The book shows the importance of setting financial goals and making plans to achieve them, while recommending diversification of investments to reduce risk and maximize benefits, emphasizing the importance of having a long-term approach and avoiding making impulsive financial decisions.
    In summary, this book offers valuable teachings on saving, investing, financial planning, and money management to help people achieve financial independence.

  4. Maria Cristina Gomez escribió:

    Good evening,
    A book that I really liked is “Un mundo para Julius” by Bryce Echenique. I read it 5 years ago on my sister’s recommendation and it was a book that caught my attention from the beginning because Julius’ story gives you a glimpse of what Peruvian society was like in the 1950s. Without wanting to I was able to learn more about the culture, history and life in Peru during that time.
    This novel presents a view of the Peruvian elite and bourgeois life of the time and explores the class differences and the contrast between the life of the elite and the reality of the majority of the Peruvian population and makes you question society, human relations, classism or racism. This book also delves into human relationships, especially in the search for affection, identity and belonging.
    Undoubtedly it is a book that leaves you many teachings as a person, for me it is a moving and meaningful story.

    Best regards

    Cristina Gomez

  5. Maria Cristina Gomez escribió:

    Me parece super interesante el libro que menciona Victor, me llama mucho la atención los libros que te enseñan contando historias de culturas del pasado.

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