23/01/23: How can I write a new blog?

All of us have different interests, hobbies or passions. What would you do if I tell you that this can be a profitable business? Did you know that you can get some money for sharing ideas and tips? Believe it or not, It’s possible!

Watch this video about how can you start a new blog? Answer this question:

  • If you had to start a new blog, what topic would you choose and why?

  • Post you answers and get extra points in your homework!

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    If you had to start a new blog, what topic would you choose and why?
    I would like to start a blog sharing my experience as a teacher. I have been in this field for the last six year. I guess some other teachers are going through similar experiences as I have and it might be helpful for them to see how I dealt with different situations while in them. I guess it might also give an insight into a life of a teacher to anyone of my students who would like to follow this profession.

    1. Idiomas Virtual Autor escribió:

      Thanks for your participation!

  2. 07420316 escribió:

    Interesting video, and in reference to the question, beyond thinking about making profitable, I would choose a blog whose central theme is dedicated to disseminating successful experiences of ventures in rural communities. I recently participated in the internship organized by the university for the master’s degree in social management.
    We had the opportunity to learn in situ how the productive chains are strengthened in the towns of Sicuani and Paucartambo in Cusco, with the inclusion of technologies such as technified irrigation, organic fertilizers, natural gas biosystems, and products developed with added value.
    The 20 participants have witnessed how family farming units develop with their own initiative and effort without the need to resort to state support, which even requires them to register to wait for years for the promise of a future social program.
    Excellent contribution, it has been included in the to-do list

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