21/09/22: A blog article

An article and a blog post are not the same thing, even though they are oftentimes used interchangeably…And, a blog post is not a type of article. 

There are a few top reasons for writing either one, including creating a strong brand, industry authority or provide a vast amount of information to potential customers.

We hear so many people ask, “what is a blog?”, and “what is the difference between a blog or posts versus just creating articles on my website?”

Here’s an in-depth look at the biggest differences between the two: http://www.startsmallmedia.com/blog-post-vs-article/#:~:text=A%20blog%20post%20is%20usually,information%2C%20news%20and%20unbiased%20perspective.

After reading the information in the post. comment on what you find the most interesting about it.




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