07/03/21: UNIT 5 BLOG: A GOOD READ

Dear students, After studying Chapter 1 of Unit 5, please write your answers to the following questions so you can get 5 extra points in HT1.

1 What was the last book you read? Who wrote it? What was it about?

2 Have you read a short story before? What was the last one you read?

3 What do you understand to be the main differences between a short story and a novel? Which do you prefer, and why?

In order to get up to 5 points, please answer the questions, read your classmate’s answers and reply to at least one of them.

Can´t wait to read you!


PS: You may participate in the blog until Sat 13 at 23:55 pm

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  1. Gloria Pachas escribió:

    What was the last book you read? Who wrote it? What was it about?
    The last book I have read was titled “Dictadoras” by Rosa Montero. She tells us about the women who accompanied the most important dictators of the 20th century: Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and Franco.
    Have you read a story before?
    What was the last one you read?
    Sure, I love literature, I consider that it allows you to be a more empathetic person.
    The last story I have read belongs to Dino Buzzati which is titled “The old boar”

    What do you understand are the main differences between a short story and a novel? Which one do you prefer and why?

    A short story has a central theme, whereas a novel can raise several secondary themes, in addition to the main one.

    A novel is longer, has several chapters, unlike a story that can have a maximum of 5000 words.

    A novel presents the actions in a more leisurely way, while the story, almost always, is more intense.

    Both types of texts seem wonderful to me. Now, in vacation times I prefer novels, due to free time.

  2. Aurelio Estanislao Contreras Cordova escribió:

    Regarding question 1, The last book I read was Introduction to Physical Metallurgy written by Sydney Avner. It deals with the structure and crystallization of metals, phase diagram and the different heat treatments that can be done to metals. it also teaches us how to treat different types of steels.
    To answer question 2, Not so much a story or I don’t know if it is considered a story because with my youngest son we read the biblical stories such as the life of David, Samson and Delilah and Daniel in the Lion’s Den. So it is very interesting to share with my son and then make him watch Bible videos so that he understands the reading better.
    And finally question 3
    Well one of the important differences may be the number of pages the story is short and compared to a novel.
    The novel is more exciting since the reader is in anticipation of what may happen later in the novel.

  3. Aurelio Estanislao Contreras Cordova escribió:

    Hello Gloria Pachas, a joy to know that you like stories and reading a lot. But I would ask you if you can tell me what the short story El Viejo Jabali by Dino Buzzati is about because I find it interesting and if I can read it with my youngest son and he can understand it

  4. Michelle Espin escribió:

    Hello everyone!
    The last book I read was “The sky is blue, The Earth white”, by Hiromi Kawakami. It is a romantic story but so different from usual because it is not about passion and instincts. It is about a deep feeling and the things that happen through time, enjoying every moment, and understanding the beauty of life that ends one day, and we will face it.
    I have read a short story. The last I read was “The Tell-tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe. It is about a murderer that feels guilty and dreadfully for his actions.
    A short story gives us a complete story that we can read and finish quickly but only explain the most relevant situations. By contrast, a novel involves us and creates an atmosphere with many details and circumstances expanding our imagination and attach us for more time. For that reason, I prefer to read a novel.

  5. Michelle Espin escribió:

    In reply to Gloria Pachas

    I agree with you; Literature can help us to expand our knowledge, Also to understand different cultures and make more accurate decisions in our life

  6. Diego Lopez escribió:

    Dear students. Thank you for your participation. I enjoyed reading your answers and got a few ideas of interesting books to read next.
    Keep up the great work.

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