14/09/20: Academic Supplement 4 – BLOG

Dear students,

In your academic supplement, page 15, practice task 4, you are required to create your own blog on Blogger.com by following three simple steps: 1. create a google account, claim your blog name, and choose a theme for your website.

So, I would like you to write about your experience about the creation of your own blog and and the theme of it. Remember that you can get 5 extra points in your Homework Task 2!

I hope to get your answers!

Junior L.


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  1. Josué Chapilliquén Llerena escribió:

    it was difficult to choose a topic, one that was a balance between my interests and what people like. But the most difficult thing was choosing the name of the blog, something that was creative and memorable.

    1. Idiomas Virtual Autor escribió:

      I understand your point, Josue. But why not creating our own Blog.


    First I must say that I had never created a blog. I think it is difficult to choose the design, the name, etc. I did not know the hard work that bloggers do.
    Well, the first thing I did was choose the name of the blog. I decided to call it “Zarina CR” because I like the history of the Russian tsars. Likewise, CR refers to my surnames Cajavilca Reyes.
    Second, I chose the design theme. I put a photo of an old notebook because it reminds me of the notebooks of my childhood. I think I’ll write about memorable childhood moments. Something like simple anecdotes, but that until now we can enjoy them to alone or in company, and they motivate us to laugh.
    Finally, I hope that this month I can write my first story and finish designing my blog. I think the first entry will be titled “The day I ate a pin.” Believe it or not, this happened to me when I was 4 years old. ! I don’t know how I’m still alive!

    1. Idiomas Virtual Autor escribió:

      Great ideas, Katheryn. Keep participating and learning about Blogs.

  3. RAUL HUANACO HUAMAN escribió:

    1. I have never created a blog. It was very difficult. First I have reviewed different pages on how to create a blog.
    The experts in blog topics, recommend, first identify the topic, second the title, third use the keywords and finally write your first post. Also, it is advisable to accompany with images or figures.
    2. It was difficult to create the name of the blog. Bloggers recommend using keywords: Like, Secrets, help, increase. In my case the name is, How to be responsible with the environment in our lives ?.
    3. The theme of my blog is caring for the environment.
    I have written my first post on “Welcome to the blog, How to be responsible with the environment in our lives ?

    Link my blog

    1. Idiomas Virtual Autor escribió:

      Congratulations, Raul. I see that you have created your Blog and that’s wonderful. Just try to create one in English. Why not? Great.

  4. Mikalek escribió:

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