09/07/24: BLOG 1

Many students limit their view to the opportunities that are easily available, readily accessible, and most traditional. They never take even one step out of their comfort zone as they look at the list of high school courses and decide what to take. Check this video and answer the  questions:


  • Do you consider the jobs shown interesting? Which in your opinion is the most interesting? Why?
  • Would you ever choose a nontraditonal career? What would be the benefits?
  • What other careers would you add to the list?
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  1. Jorge Luis Porta escribió:

    The jobs shown are interesting. The most interesting job is web development for women because they are prepareted for real employment ande the real life. For example Laboratoria is an entrepreneurship leaded for a peruvian woman and that to help women that learn web development.
    Yes, I would ever choose a nontraditional career because there are more possibility to get employment and to enjoy day to day without stress. The benefits would be more employment, better salary and less competition.
    I would add to the list other careers like tutors for computer tools taugh by women.
    Jorge Luis Porta Rodríguez

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