22/05/23: Abstracts vs Summaries. Are they the same?

As you know in our academic life, we’re asked to write summaries in undergraduate programs, and then some abstracts when we do our thesis. Are they the same? What are their similarities and differences? Which one is the most common?

Watch the video, post your answers and get extra points!

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  1. 25744372 escribió:

    The abstract is the abbreviated version of the entire research document and follows the same sequence of content written in the thesis or research paper.
    It must be concise, generally it is a paragraph of less than 300 words, at the beginning of the thesis or research article. On the other hand, the final summary consists of a thousand or two thousand words.

    The difference between the summary at the end is a little more detailed. This is written only at the end of the document, important things are written down by sections that the thesis or research has, it is important not to repeat it, and to write it in your own words.

    The most common in all the works are the final summaries, but for theses and articles the most common are the initial summaries.

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  2. YANINA ESTHER escribió:

    The summary and the abstract are important short documents that help students and researchers to disseminate their research. But, sometimes, it is difficult to differentiate how to write and the content that should be included.

    However, they have some similarities, for example, both are short texts and follow a structure that has to do with the things that have been developed in the research. The objective is that the person who reads it has all the necessary information to understand what it is about.

    It also has some differences:
    An abstract, can be written in a paragraph of 200 or 300 words and should contain all the important points that exist in the research. It is presented at the beginning of the research article or thesis. It can present the background of the problem, the purposes, the methodology, the results and the conclusion.

    The summary, on the other hand, can be presented separately from the research and has almost the same structure as the abstract, but the content gives an overview of the important and detailed points of the research. In addition, new findings and future studies or research can be mentioned. Its length can be 2000 or 3000 words.

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