13/09/21: Blog 1: Which Job Suits Me?

Blog 1 :   Which Job Suits Me?

About the Match Between Personality and Job

Career choice is really about answering the question; Which job suits me? As Confucius put it, ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ But how can one find the perfect job? What requirements does the perfect job

meet? And does the perfect job exist?

The following factors determine whether a job suits you:

1. Personality. Does the job match my personality?
2. Competencies. Am I good at it?
3. Job opportunities. Will I get paid for it? (…)

Source: Which Job Suits Me? (jobpersonality.co.uk)


1.What did you want to be when you were young? Did you always want to be the same thing, or did it change over time?

2. Do you think social media websites (e.g. LinkedIn) are important tools in modern day job-hunts? Why, or why not?

3. Phrases such as “live to work” and “work to live” are used to describe different attitudes towards work. What do you understand by these phrases? What is the difference in meaning between them?  WRITE YOUR COMMENTS AND PARTICIPATE!!


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  1. Elena Cienún Rojas Paredes escribió:


    When I was young I dreamed of being an astronaut or a scientist. As time went by, this desire remained so I studied clinical laboratory as a technical career but never exercised it. Later, I felt the need to study business administration as I worked as an administrative assistant.

    I definitely believe that social networks are an important tool for job search in these times since it allows you to reach a greater number of potential employers. However, the authenticity and veracity of the social pages in which we interact looking for work must be verified.

    In my opinion, the phrase “live to work” is related to people who are addicted to work, the so-called “workaholic”, who always live full of work and even bring work home …
    The phrase “work to live” means that work is a means to the comfort and quality of life that we all wish to have.



    1. Idiomas Virtual Autor escribió:

      Hi, Elena! I agree with you. Thanks for your participation and comments.

  2. Flor Leon escribió:

    When I was younger I wanted to study psychology and wanted to work with kids. When I finished high school I decided to follow my path and I studied Special Education because you get to learn about behavior plus you get to work with kids. I truly believe that social media websites are important when the HR team is hunting for for appropriate people with the right qualifications. Although these kind of websites need to have a filter to verify that the information provided is correct and accurate.
    The difference between the phrases “live to work” and “work to live” is that the first one is when a person does not think on anything else besides work or the well known workaholic person. The second one means when people enjoy their work and allows themselves to enjoy other activities.

    Kind regards,

    1. Idiomas Virtual Autor escribió:

      Hi, Flor! Thank you for your participation!

  3. Noelia escribió:

    Hello everybody,
    1. When I was a child I really liked animals, and I thought about studying veterinary medicine or medicine.
    Today I still find works beautiful, but over time I realized that although I liked them as an idea, I didn’t like them as a future for me.
    2. I consider that the platforms that one uses with the area of ​​their work depend a lot. In my case, the platforms to which I must upload my portfolio and my study certificates are DevianArt, Behance, among others. Since my career is about art and illustration. But I think yes, they are totally necessary to make you known to other companies, in any case I think it will always depend on the career you have studied and what you are looking for in your field of work.
    3. I think those expressions are when you feel that your life is working and not enjoying. Personally, I do not agree with any. I feel like my work is my life.

    Have a good day,


    1. Idiomas Virtual Autor escribió:

      Hi, Noelia! Thanks for your participation and comments!

  4. Danick Valencia G. escribió:

    I wanted to be a lawyer, but I change over time, now I’m a teacher and I like teaching.

    Yes, because you can show more job offers or even help you find the job according to the profile you are interested in.

    The first is that life depends on work.

    The second is that work is part of life.

    I consider that work can be a fun that also generates income with which you can pay for basic needs, but you can also give yourself the likes that one wants.

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