06/07/20: Blog 1: How to Describe Yourself in an Interview

Blog 1:  How to Describe Yourself in an Interview

By  Ronda Suder

Click on the link below and Read the article about how to answer in a job interview


After reading, answer the following questions:

1 What did you want to be when you were young? Did you always want to be the same thing, or did it change over time? 2 Do you think social media websites (e.g. LinkedIn) are important tools in modern day job-hunts? Why, or why not? 3 Phrases such as “live to work” and “work to live” are used to describe different attitudes towards work. What do you understand by these phrases? What is the difference in meaning between them? Write your comments!


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    1. I’ve always wanted to be an anthropologist because my father was a historian and I’ve always liked social sciences. I didn’t study history because I thought anthropology could do more fieldwork and that’s what I liked the most.
    2. I think so. I also found the text interesting, as we currently only use these technological tools. For example, in my work we use ZOOM and for family gatherings we use Whassap or FaceTime. No matter the age, we’re all using these tools. In conclusion, I think this is a teaching in this context of pandemic.
    3. “Living to work” is a hard line. I don’t like it because I feel like, as a human being, I was only born to work. I think the second sentence “Work to Live” is less harsh, but in the end it means that if we don’t work, we don’t live. This is not entirely true and I think if it’s important to work, but in a place where you can also live while you work and enjoy that job because it brings something to your life.

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      Thanks Katheryn for your comments and participation!

  2. RAUL HUANACO HUAMAN escribió:

    1. When I was a child I wanted to study law, but when I was studying in high school I went to college and attended some classes on caring for the environment, and then I liked environmental topics. After 2 years of leaving high school, I studied environmental engineering.
    I like this career. Now I am working in my company that develops environmental studies and projects related to environmental issues. In this line, I also studied a master’s in water resources management at PUCP.

    2. Yes, social media websites are an important tool by recruiters, businessmen, and entrepreneurs. I have a count on LinkedIn. I use these tools by publishing and change the information wit my contact. Also on LinkedIn, my profile can be seen by recruiters and they could contact me directly.

    3. The understanding of the sentences depends on many factors in life. However, we should all seek “work to live” this means that there must be a balance between family, jobs, friends, etc. Work should not be the center of our lives, but in a world of consumerism, we acquire responsibilities that are not essential to our life. From this last point it could be associated with the phrase “live to work”, but it could be associated with family, addiction, and others that push the need to work more than necessary.

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      Great Raul! I agree with you. Thanks for your participation!

  3. Jowel Cabrera escribió:

    1. I wanted to be an electronic engineer when I was Young. I changed over time, when I was a child, I wanted to be a doctor, then in adolescence, I wanted to be an electronic engineer, and I ended up being a systems engineer.
    2. I think that these media are important, because they are global in scope and job seekers are considered to be trained in these technologies.
    3. By understanding these phrases, they describe how the person relates to work. In the first case: “live to work”, it describes a person who dedicates himself a lot to his work, disregarding his personal life. The second case: “work to live” is a person who works to get the means to live the best possible.

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      Thanks Jowel for your comments and participation!

  4. Enrique Aviles escribió:

    1. When I was young I wanted to be a police investigator. But as often happens, you want to do something and life leads you to do something else.
    2. Yes, and some of the reasons are as follows:
    Today, practically every ideal candidate you could consider for any position at your company is on social media. Facebook enjoys an active user base of over 2.19 billion. Twitter is popular for the ability to host job search chats and many millennials and Generation X demographic are active users of LinkedIn as a job hunting platform.
    Self-reported statistics from many companies show that they get high quality candidates whenever they recruit via social networking sites. One big reason why this is the case is because most people you will find on social media are tech-savvy, a fundamental requirement to land any job in today’s marketplace.
    3. Living to work means that the person is addicted to work, while working to live means that one is happy with the work that one has and in which the vocation or activity that gives the most satisfaction to the person should be reflected.

    People who live to work place the demands of their work at the top of their priority list, even on their personal lives. Family events, time with your partner and children, medical appointments and other personal projects, always come to the fore.
    On the other hand, people who work to live are clear about their personal priorities and mark the borders in their work. There are usually non-negotiable things, but most of the time, good planning puts us at an advantage.

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      Great Enrique! I totally agree with you! Thank you for your contribution!

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