11/02/20: Units 3-4

The boiling river of the Amazon

Andrés Ruzo – TEDGlobal 2014

When Andrés Ruzo was a young boy in Peru, his grandfather told him a story with an odd detail: There is a river, deep in the Amazon, which boils as if a fire burns below it. Twelve years later, after training as a geoscientist, he set out on a journey deep into the jungle of South America in search of this boiling river. At a time when everything seems mapped and measured, join Ruzo as he explores a river that forces us to question the line between known and unknown … and reminds us that there are great wonders yet to be discovered.

Please watch the video and answer the questions below.



  1. What do you know about the Amazon?
  2. Have you had the chance of visiting the jungle? Share your experience.
  3. How surprised were you by the information Andrés has presented?


Taken from https://www.ted.com/talks/andres_ruzo_the_boiling_river_of_the_amazon

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  1. Mario Santillana escribió:

    What do you know about the Amazon?

    I know Iquitos in Loreto and Nuevo Cajamarca in San Martín, both in Peru.

    Have you had the chance of visiting the jungle? Share your experience.

    In my year of service in my religious community, when I traveled Nuevo Cajamarca, I had the opportunity to visit the Awajun community. In this community people live with some customs of the native ancestors. For example they have a tribal chief whom all members ask tips for different aspects of their life. Also I passed the night in the house of a teacher and He said me that when I will walk by the roads in the morning when the sun get very hot I should be careful because sometimes some snakes stands static in the floor and you can confuse them because they have the color of the earth, and If you step on them, they can bite you. …. Next day I walked with many careful and with a little of scare.

    How surprised were you by the information Andrés has presented?

    I am very surprised about his story which make me to take conscious about the significance that we give to the natural resources that we use. We should use them with wisdom.

  2. LEONORA MARTINEZ escribió:

    I know of the Amazon general information, such as the fact that it is a lung for the world, that we should all contribute to its conservation and respect, in addition to the indigenous tribes that are in the area. For ten years I lived in Florence Caquetá a city called in Colombia as the port of the Amazon and this area is quite jungle with a humid climate, with prolonged rains for several months of the year.
    I have not had the opportunity to visit the jungle, but in the city of Florence I visited a quite similar area, where after walking a lot we found a waterfall, lots of vegetation and animals, being there was relaxing but also intimidating.
    I was very surprised, because I had no knowledge of the existence of boiling rivers, under the characteristics that he presents, definitely as the author said we live in a wonderful world which we must value and contribute to its protection.

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