10/09/19: BLOG: The World of Work


Video youtube: Chocolate Taster: My Dream Job ever!


Have you ever imagined having to work with something you actually love eating? Well, I have… When I was younger I had always dreamed of becoming a chocolate tater. I I would be very happy if I were a chocolate taster. The only disadvange I can think of is  that I would have to be watching my weight in order not to gain extra kilos 🙂

     What do you think?

What did you want to be when you were young?-  Did you always want to be the same thing, or did it change over the time?- What is your dream job? Why?

Come on! Give it a shot and participate!!

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  1. Gilda Cogorno escribió:

    When I was young I really liked desserts. I liked to eat them but also prepare them. I decided that it could be a hobby and I could also earn money.
    While studying at the university I decided to put that wish into practice and started making some desserts.
    It was an interesting experience but it demanded a lot of my time because I had more and more orders and for me it was more important to finish university studies, therefore I decided to practice the hobby alone at home or for some friends.

  2. betty escribió:

    When I was young I wanted to study for a lawyer but I ended up studying accounting, it is called the languaje of business. it was easier to find a job that would allow me to study and work.
    But over time I have changed my mind and I think I would have liked to be a biologist, because study the characteristics of life on Earth. I consider it very interesting.

  3. Yolanda Leonor Perca Cruz escribió:

    I would have liked to be a musician, a lover of beautiful and simple things; however, my father sent me to study administration, which I also liked very much for its breadth and variety of topics, from operational, administrative and strategic tasks. Today, I think my dream’s job would be where my own boss is, because of the freedom I would have in making the best decisions.

  4. Reynaldo Ramos escribió:

    1. When I was young I had the illusion of being a veterinary doctor to take care of animals, animals have always caused me tenderness and admiration, they are beautiful, strong, agile, beautiful; I wanted to be able to take care of them and cure them. However, in the city where the faculty of veterinary medicine lived, it was far away, but that was a minor problem, when I learned that the body of the animals had to be cut, that made a lot of impression on me because I did not understand how it is that You could damage them that way. After that desire I wanted to be a military, I dreamed of joining the army, I wanted to enter the Chorrillos Military School, I tried twice, but I could not enter, my dream of being a military was moving away again. Well, although it seems strange as a young man I wanted to be many more things, painter, novel writer, poet, footballer. It is amazing all the things that one dreams when he is young.
    2. Now I am a lawyer, I think I wanted to be a lawyer because I love justice and I am very sad about injustices, most of the things I wanted to do was to help to have a better place for our families, I have not wanted to stop being a lawyer, but If I would like to have another profession or other professions. However, it seems to me that over time we sometimes change our desires according to the opportunities we have to work and develop.
    3. The dream job is to be a tourism consultant, because I love travel, being always aware of new places, I really like to know new cultures, languages, places, to have the feeling of being on the road or in the air, it is fascinating, to do What you like and pay for it is perfect.

  5. Juan Carlos Garcia escribió:

    The firts memories I have are in the Hospital, because my mother was a nurse and sometimes she took to me to her work, so in my early years I learned about diseases and patients, and I liked everythins about this topics. Now I enjoy my work like physician, because I like to help people to have a good health.

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