11/06/19: Units 3 + 4

Read about these travel experiences. Then answer the questions at the bottom

Bad Travel Experiences…

Watch where you step (and sleep).

Gina of Jet Set and Forget had a rather unforgettable Sahara experience.

When you look at social media feeds of people who visit the Sahara Desert you see beautiful images of sand dunes, camels, and sunsets. This was not even close to what we experienced on our Moroccan desert tour.

There were a multitude of things that went wrong, but there was one particularly “crappy” situation we had to deal with.

We paid for a tour that (supposedly) provided a proper bathroom, but upon arrival, we were told that in order to use the bathroom you had to dig a hole in the sand. We were then advised to look for pieces of toilet paper sticking out of the sand to avoid using the same “toilet” as another guest; oddly, we were also not told to bring any toilet paper and you can imagine how that became a problem.

This may upset most people, but this was not even the worst situation. Not only was the campground covered in poorly buried human excrement but it was also covered in CAMEL feces. It was too hot to sleep inside of the tents so you were forced to sleep on top of the feces and it was EVERYWHERE.

With all the feces surrounding us and no place to wash our hands, we can only assume the guides also prepared our dinner with their filthy hands covered in feces as well, which opens Pandora’s box on getting people severely sick.

Needless to say, we will NOT be returning to the Sahara Desert any time soon!

Bad Travel Experiences - Travellers Tell Their Worst Travel Tales
Camel poo was everywhere – photo credit Gina Bambinelli


A dumb mistake I’ll never make again.

Talek of Travels with Talek, tells us about the dangers of fruit hygiene.

We were at the bus stop in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik on Croatia’s Adriatic coast just outside the Old City. The bus was leaving for Split in about 10 minutes; I was starving.

I looked around for one of those little convenience stores you usually find around transportation hubs but the only thing I found was a fruit stand that featured a big, beautiful peach nestled amongst a fruit display, so I bought it. It needed washing but I figured by the time I used sign language to communicate “wash fruit to the Croatian clerk I might miss my bus so I boarded with my peach and proceeded to devour it. It was pretty good.

When I got off in Split I started to vomit, but it was the type of projectile vomiting that resembled Linda Blair in the Exorcist; great exhausting heaves accompanied by gags and then a fire hose of bile.

We had to park ourselves in a hotel and wait it out. I saw very little of Split but became very familiar with the lavatory in our BandB.

We do learn from our mistakes. I am living proof. I will now wash fruit to the point of obsession before I eat it.

Bad Travel Experiences - Travellers Tell Their Worst Travel Tales

Lock all your doors and windows.

Nate from Travel Lemming had to deal with a burglary.

I’ve been to almost 60 countries, and I usually find the good even in places that others don’t enjoy. But, to be honest, Belize just didn’t sit very well with me.

Setting aside the heat, the mosquitoes, and the fact that the “beaches” largely consist of sharp rocks, a thief broke into my rental apartment in the middle of the night while we were sleeping and stole my friend’s phone.

My friend was more than a little agitated by the loss. To make matters worse, the local police station was entirely indifferent to our plight – insisting that we had to go to another island two hours away just to file a report. So my friend made it his mission, with the help of a couple of friendly and amazing local women and some CCTV footage, to track down the thief. I thought it was a lost cause but he insisted that it was a small island and that the thief had to be somewhere.

Incredibly, he was right and ultimately recovered the phone! So, while the story has a happy ending, it definitely punctuated a very rocky time in Belize for me. With that said, I know many others loved Belize and so I may well give it a second chance.



  1. Which is the worst experience?
  2. How can you compare one of these experiences with one of yours?
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  1. luis Santos Coaquira Paredes escribió:

    What is the worst experience?

    My worst experience is when I travel to Tacna. I used to walk around the city center and then to get back to the hotel I got on a bus and in the bus some thieves stole my wallet, a bad experience in the future I will be more careful.

    How can you compare one of these experiences with one of your own?

    The experience that most resembles is the first, when you request a tour and the tour operators offer you many things and when you arrive you verify that many things that were offered to you are not fulfilled.

  2. Hortensia Mamani escribió:

    1. What is the worst experience?
    After reading, for me the worst experience is that of the Sahara desert, which is terrible.

    2. How can you compare one of these experiences with one of yours?
    Well, I’m going to share an experience on my trip to Chiclayo.
    I was visiting the city of Chiclayo with my son and decided to stay in a new hotel, of course I had one in which I always stayed.
    The story is this: after arriving in the morning at Chiclayo airport, José Abelardo Quiñones, the taxi driver suggested a good, nice and cheap hotel, I agreed to the suggestion and went to the place.
    We arrived at the hotel, it was indeed cozy and they offered us a good breakfast. We went to visit some relatives and friends because it was Christmas Eve and at night is when something strange happened. We returned to the hotel after midnight and found the entrance door with a large chain, after playing repeatedly a concierge finally came out and we were able to enter our room; but this does not end here because at about 3:00 in the morning I felt that the door of the room was trying to open, I jumped out of bed and felt great fright. I asked without opening the door with a strong voice that was happening and he replied that he had been given the same key as my room, it was a mistake of the concierge.
    It was a commercial area and there was a lot of noise in the morning but already in the night everything was closed.
    Moral of all this, better devil known than another to know.

    kinds regards

  3. Carlos Pasache escribió:

    1. The worst experience is the Gina’s experience because she expected something completely different. Also she felt uncomfortable in all her visit to the Sahara Desert.
    2. I happened something similar like Nate’s situation. The last year my family and I travel to Tacna and visit a local restaurant. I saw someone who went out to the restaurant without pay. When I go back to my home I checked my bank account and descovered something wrong. The restaurant stealed me charging me more. Both are victim of thieves.


    1. Which is the worst experience?
    In my opinión, the worst travel experience is that of the Sahara desert “Watch where you step (and sleep)”, because there were no preventive measures for the main needs. I find it terrible to spend the night with the extremities of people and animals, and even worse to dispose of food without safety and hygiene measures is the most disgusting thing that can happen.

    2. How can you compare one of these experiences with one of yours?
    I have not had any unpleasant experiences, or bad travel experiences, according to the three cases presented. But when I traveled to Israel, after having enjoyed almost 15 days in that wonderful country, my return was not so pleasant because at the airport in Tel Aviv, I was terrified by the security measures set by the government, they are so thorough, they pass by Bomb detectors to each garment you carry in your suitcases.

  5. Omar Vasquez escribió:

    1. I think the worst experience is the Sahara experience of Gina. The clenaliness is fundamental.

    2. How can you compare one of these experiences with one of yours?
    Fortunately, I think I have not had such bad experiences. The worst experience I remember having was in Iquitos. They gave me a room in which there was no air conditioning and we were at 35 degrees.


    1. What is the worst experience?
    Definitely, the Sahara desert. A journey inside the dirt is horrible, it is for tourists who want to put their health at risk. With this bad experience I would never go to that place.
    2. How can you compare one of these experiences with one of yours?
    The case “Belize” portrays a small island where there is crime and lack of security. Also, the police service es deficient. I was in Barcelona twice and they never stole anything from me. It is a beautiful city where people are respectful and honest. In Barcelona, the police are quite efficient, not indifferent like the police in Belize.
    Warm regards.

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