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29/05/18: UNIT 2:


What is phone hacking?

Phone hacking was a technique used to  listen to people’s phone conversations or messages. Reporters and a private investigator working for the News of the World used it to target people in the news – celebrities, politicians and crime victims – so they could find angles on stories that would get them ahead of the competition. They would listen to private messages left on voicemail, make a recording of them, and use the information to help write stories.

Why did this trial come about?

The News of the World was closed down after its owners, Rupert Murdoch’s News International, admitted the scale of hacking that had been going on, dating back many years.

The company had battled against growing allegations for two years – one of its private investigators and the News of the World’s royal editor were jailed in 2007 over a story gleaned from hacking.

The paper’s original position – that rogue staff had acted alone – could not stand. Eventually Rupert Murdoch decided he had no choice but to close the newspaper down after it emerged Milly Dowler, a teenager who was abducted and murdered, had her voicemails hacked.

The Crown Prosecution Service charged two former editors – Rebekah Brooks and her successor Andy Coulson with conspiracy to intercept mobile voicemails alongside others connected to the newspaper.

Can you think of any incidents in the news that involved hackers or virus writers?

Have you ever had a computer or phone hacking experience? Tell us about

From the video, what do you consider to be the best to do in case of being victime of this crime?




Helpful Tips for Writing an Abstract

  1. Identify the Problem and Research Solution-The abstract should have an opening that identifies that particular subject matter and how the research that you have done will provide a solution. It is very important to make this clear in the initial sentence or two of the abstract as people want to know immediately what the dissertation is about.
  2. Stick to the Word Count– In general, an abstract is usually no more than 250 words. It is important to keep the word count in mind when writing an abstract. Knowing that you only have 250 words to summarize your entire dissertation can prevent you from being overly descriptive.
  3. Include Information on Methods and Results – Part of the abstract should briefly mention the methods and results that pertain to your topic. The method is basically the type of research you did, and the results are what was learned or created as a result of the methods.



Have you ever had to write an abstract? If so, what type? What for? When?

What do you consider to be the most difficult part of an abstract? Why?

15/05/18: UNIT 1: “THE WORLD OF WORK”


Have you ever asked yourself what kind of job you’d rather be doing? If you had the opportunity to go back in time and choose…what job would you be into?

Watch the video and answer…

1- Are the results as you expected? Do they have a coincidence with your real job?

2-What did you want to be when you were younger?

3- Do you think social media websites, like Linkedin ,are important tools when looking for a job?

I will be waiting for your answers:)