12/03/18: Unit 1 – The World of Work

Welcome to the first Blog of CLECVP1!

The contents of this unit take us to a world a lot of us can relate to: Work. Are you someone very committed to your job? Do you think of work even beyond the office? Are you a workaholic? Just a few days ago, my father asked me what that word meant; after saying an idea, the notion kept spinning in my mind: Like many, I do everything needed to excel at work -maybe too much.

In relation to this, you can read in question 3 -Critical Section, page 24 of your textbooks-  a reflection on what you can understand by the phrases “live to work” and “work to live”. Additionally, in question 1 you are asked to say whether you became what you had wanted to be (professional life). In my case, I never thought I was going to become a teacher, but that’s another story!

If you are new to this activity, you should know that although optional, commenting in the blog will add points to your Tasks -up to five points- so, what can you lose? Take the chance!


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    First of all, a greeting to the teacher and to all the classmates. About work and what I wanted to be when I was young, I always liked studying and I thought I could be a teacher, but I agree that not as often as 7 am to 4 pm as you work in schools, but that you could have free time to investigate and thus try to contribute to producing knowledge. But the truth is that society values the work of a professor more than a researcher, and to obtain financing for projects it is very difficult. So far I see that the balance between producing knowledge and teaching it is very difficult. As someone thought, r without work is hard to live, is what gives meaning to life, that’s why it should be a satisfactory job, and I believe that in that search I am.

    1. Idiomas Virtual Autor escribió:

      Thanks, Luis!
      You made me remember that I never thought I could become a teacher one day, but I knew that I had always been good at explaining things to others and how satisfying it was for me. One thing led to another and I became a teacher, even so, not really having that objective in mind 🙂

      Thanks again,


  2. Percy Lucich escribió:

    Personally, I consider that I like my work very much, especially because I feel that I am in the right place. Likewise, I feel that I am returning to reality those goals that I had in my professional life from the effort in my studies and in the tasks that I have been finding and overcoming at work. I believe that this is not always the case and that there are many people who experience frustration because they have not become what they aspired professionally. However, as I pointed out a moment ago, I have been able to make my goals and professional plans come true, which has shown me to be on the right path and profession to be happy.
    What has been said leads me to maintain that I feel committed to my daily work, in addition to constantly seeking to achieve higher levels of performance in my work. However, I believe that work does not become the axis of my life. Over time, I have asked to discover that it is necessary to have an adequate balance that allows all the dimensions of my life to be aligned with higher objectives, which are above the labor ones. From this, work becomes an instrument of my happiness and not the ultimate goal of it. This is the reason why many times I was able to organize my day and comply with the work schedules that I had established in order not to interrupt or cancel other activities that allow me to develop and enjoy my life. For all these reasons, I consider it very important to clearly establish what is sought in life and to properly manage professional and personal work so that none is left out or relegated. In this way, an adequate balance can be established that allows for development, rest, training and family moments.

    1. Idiomas Virtual Autor escribió:

      Thanks, Percy.
      We all aspire to find satisfying work where we can find the opportunities to grow professionally, studying and contributing to our workplace and beyond. For example, by teaching others we leave a tangible trail of our work and knowledge.

      Thanks for commenting…!



    First of all my greetings to the teacher and classmates, before I used to be workaholic, but when my daughter was born, this conception of work changed in my life, my daughter made me organize my time, sharing the time for working and for my family, in fact, that gave me a balance of my life, so now I have the enough time to go out with my family, I was workaholic because I have always been fond for everything I did, and I was happy for my work I liked it and being paid for such, this was for nearly 18 years, unfortunately. not all people have a good job they like to do, so generating a poor work when they do such a work. hence they can be depressed, sad, stressful, this is a reality in our country Peru.

    1. Idiomas Virtual Autor escribió:

      Thanks, Shirley!
      Our children definitely make that change to become better at what we do. It’s good to reorganize our lives when our perspectives change. There’s nothing compared to doing what we enjoy in life. Work is part of that, definitely.

      Thanks for commenting!


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