When i discovered Youtube i saw various invaluable videos of Salsa specially of the Fania. My favourite group.

So i wanted contribute of some way uploading various videos of my collection. So i began to upload some videos that i conserved in my PC. Specifically parts of the film “Our Latin Thing”, extracts of a concert of NIcky Marrero, the biografy of Hector Lavoe and some tunes of Ruben Blades.

When i uploaded these videos many of many people began to populate my mail with congratulations, stimulated phrases and more petitions and wanted that i give them copies of these videos urgently.

Each time that enter to my messenger, many people included me in your lists of friends.

Without want get it i make me famous. One time a guy in the msn wanted that i saw him to sing a piece of a salsa tune. He told me that my opinion was very important for him because he wanted rise like salsa singer.

My videos have played more than 21’000,000 times and every day receive messages that reply very happy. My love for the latin music and Internet changed my life.

Mantengamos viva la cultura latina and willing to help you in all.

Videos de Billy Colonia

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